My Hard Labor

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My Hard Labor

Intern AV finds Dr. Cox and starts squeaking about the pediatrician. Intern Joe takes over and says that the pediatrician wants them to give the baby the shot. Cox isn't having it. Intern Joe points out that Dr. Cox just told them to be more assertive about treating patients, and even spits his words back at him: "We're your doctors. Deal with it." Intern AV uses a totally normal voice to say the same thing. Cox wonders why she doesn't use that voice all the time, and Intern AV says it hurts her throat.

Turk and Janitor play the XBOX game. Janitor needs to know his motivation for killing the bad guys in the game, and when he does kill one, needs to stop and give a little speech for his "fallen adversary." Turk points out that Janitor's guy is getting killed while he babbles on.

JD is happy that he seems to have dodged the love bullet (name of my fifth album), but Kim isn't letting it go, and asks if JD thinks he could ever be in love with her. JD tries to put her off, but you don't mess with a woman in labor with your child. JD says that he hopes one day to feel what Kim feels. Kim sarcastically says that she always dreamed of finding a guy who could hope to love her one day. Kim screams that a lot of guys think she's a catch (really? Nine months pregnant?). JD calls her amazing again, and Kim loses her shit and asks if JD would even be with her if it weren't for the baby. JD can't answer that. Kim breaks up with him, because she deserves better. I'm still not over Kim lying about the miscarriage. Maybe JD's not either. And then Kim has a contraction and freaks out.

Dr. Cox has entrusted his daughter to Intern Joe, reluctantly. After, like, two seconds, he snatches his baby back.

Meanwhile, Carla totally busts Turk playing the videogame, and Turk says he's not stopping until he beats it.

Kim has gone from no contractions at all to being fully dilated, and now she can't have an epidural. She blames JD for that, and he repeats, "You're amazing." Okay, I want to hit him, and I'm not even in labor. Kim has another contraction and screams that she hates JD. The doctor assures JD that many laboring women say things they don't mean, but Kim reveals that JD just dumped her, and JD makes it worse by trying to explain. A nurse wearing a mask walks in and asks what's going on, and it's Laverne! I mean, it's not, because Laverne is dead, but it's the actress that played Laverne! ["SPOILER (OF SORTS) ALERT: I read last season that Bill Lawrence promised Aloma Wright, who played Laverne, that if the show returned for another season, he'd have her back as Laverne's twin sister Shirley. And it seems he is a man of his word." -- Wing Chun] JD thinks she looks familiar, but gets distracted by Kim telling him to get out, because she's going to call her backup labor coach: Elliot.

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