My Hard Labor

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My Hard Labor

Dr. Cox has called Dr. No Shot to come in to give the shot. Dr. No Shot explains the origin of his nickname, and his rationale. Dr. Cox explains that he has the same rationale for not giving his daughter a shot. Dr. No Shot suggests asking a nurse to give it.

Turk and Janitor are still playing the game as Carla watches. Drunken Kelso watches, too. Dr. Cox shows up and asks Carla to give his daughter a shot. Carla says that her hands are shaking from rage, so she can't. Kelso says he can't either, because he's drinking scotch and he's "all Hasselhoffed out." Carla criticizes Janitor's gameplay, and he slams down the controller and leaves. Turk is mad until Carla picks up the controller and immediately starts rocking the game.

Elliot shows up and promises JD that he'll take care of Kim. She offers JD a celebratory jump-hug, but JD explains what happened earlier. Elliot thinks JD loved it but didn't want to admit it, and JD thinks that she's right. Dr. Cox comes by looking for Elliot to do the shot, but he gets kicked out of the labor room immediately. He asks JD to give the shot, and JD says he will if Dr. Cox will talk to him. Dr. Cox reluctantly agrees, but only if JD doesn't say "emotional rollercoaster." So JD leads with that phrase.

Turk is shocked that Carla is so good at the game, and Carla confesses that she used to play when she was up nights with the baby, and got addicted. Turk admits that he loves the baby, but sometimes he needs to do his own thing. Carla tells him that every parent feels that way. Kelso agrees, adding that even when his grown son visits, he wants time off. Kelso muses that it may have something to do with his son's taste in boyfriends. Kelso's phone rings, and it's his son. Turk and Carla decide to finish their game as Kelso gives his son advice about his loser boyfriends.

JD is worried that he's going to screw up his kid's life, and quotes his statistics from earlier. Dr. Cox points out that there are tons of statistics about medicine, but that they both know people who didn't fall into the majority, and who lived or died against the odds. Also, JD's parents were divorced, and JD managed to become a doctor. Cox adds, "I'm sure there's someone, somewhere who would be proud to call you their son." JD wonders if that someone is Dr. Cox, but Cox ends the conversation. He asks Carla if she's done with the game yet.

JD looks around the room at all the parents doing what parents do. Cox is still frantically looking for help for his daughter. Kelso is giving lovelife advice to his gay son. Carla helps Turk finish the game so that they can both spend more time with their baby. JD turns and runs back down the hallway, since he's realized that parenting is about sacrifice, and he needs to be willing to take some abuse for his son's sake.

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