My Identity Crisis

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My Identity Crisis

Turk giggles that Carla thinks she could stop being a proud Latin woman. Her ringtone is Latin music. She makes doctors ask for favors in Spanish. Turk vows that she'll always be "a Latina with an upside-down exclamation point."

Janitor shows JD slides and forces him to name the people. JD uses his mnemonic devices to name the people successfully.

Carla has the same dream as the opening sequence, but this time it's in Spanish. There's even telenovela-style music. She wakes up and tells Turk she was having a great dream. Turk is listening to Spanish lessons on his iPod.

Perry talks to Jordan and Jack via iChat, and admits that he misses his family. Jordan won't say it back, but you can tell she misses him too.

JD continues naming people. Janitor says that he lost the bet because there's one name that he doesn't know. He doesn't know Janitor's name. So JD starts mopping the floor and complains that the ammonia is making him violent and angry. Janitor says it always starts that way as JD snaps at someone walking by.

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