My Inconvenient Truth

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My Inconvenient Truth

Meanwhile, Janitor throws something in the trash instead of the recycling bin, even though it's, like, two steps away. Ted yells at him: "What happened to you, man? You were going to change the world!" Janitor: "I've learned to pick my battles in this world. Otherwise you fight, and you fight, and one day you look in the mirror and there's an old man looking back at you, and you have to ask yourself, 'Was it all worth it?'" Ted: "It's been thirty-six hours! I'm going to say something to you that's been said to me by every person I've ever loved: I'm really disappointed in you. You are pathetic and weak and I don't love you anymore. Get out!" I don't know why that exchange cracked me up so much, but it did.

Turk tells JD that he really does need to grow up. I just realized why Turk's basketball head looks so weird; he's painted his face orange. ["It's probably hard to tell when a TV character has done that as a joke when half the people on TV are fake 'n baked anyway." -- Wing Chun] Anyway, Turk says that he has fun time with JD, but then he has grown-up time with Carla and the baby. JD hasn't even babyproofed his apartment or changed a diaper. In fact, he hasn't even seen Sam since Kim left.

Elliot and Janitor commiserate over their moral failings. Carla tells them that they are both human, and that they mess up. Carla reminds Elliot that she gave her the same advice two weeks ago. Carla tells them that their actions are human, but that they need to stop whining about it.

JD invites Dan to meet his son. They hop in the hybrid. Dan reminds JD that he's the one who urged him to get his life together. JD didn't think Dan would ever do it, but he's happy for his brother. The problem is that JD doesn't know how to turn on the car.

Elliot tells Robyn that the nurses said she isn't eating enough. Robyn wonders how Elliot's doing, and Elliot says that this isn't about her, and that she didn't faint at the office. Dr. Cox wanders by and makes a skinny joke, and seriously -- dumb.

Kelso starts carpooling with a bunch of other doctors. Ted and Janitor are proud.

JD holds Sam and VOs that he thought growing up happened automatically as you got older, but that apparently you have to choose to do it. JD and Dan drive home with the smashed windshield, and Dan says, "[Sam] looks like Dad." JD smiles, "I know."

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