My Screw Up

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My Screw Up

JD rubs Elliot's bare foot in the break room while Turk sits nearby, staring off into space. JD finishes and asks for the other foot (did he lose a bet?) and Elliot refuses vehemently, explaining that there's something wrong with her left foot, and the guys would be disgusted. They protest that they're doctors and they've seen everything, so Elliot reveals her giant bunion. JD and Turk make gagging noises; Elliot complains that Sean (Scott Foley) is coming back in a few weeks, and he'll be grossed out too. JD advises her to draw Sean's face on her bunion and tell him she grew the bunion because she missed him. Turk advises surgery. Elliot goes with Turk's suggestion, even though JD thinks they've "already decided on bunion face."

At the nurses' station, Carla asks Turk if he would mind if she kept her last name when they get married. Turk: "Of course not, baby. We'll just have one of those modern marriages where the husband and wife don't love each other." Hey! I kept my last name and today is actually my five-year anniversary of wedded bliss. And I'm doing a weecap. Hmm. Anyway, Carla wants to talk about it some more, but Turk takes off.

Cox and Jordan walk in, discussing what to do for Jack's first birthday party. Jordan has extravagant plans, and as you'd imagine, Cox thinks the whole thing sounds like his own personal hell. JD runs up and asks if he should bring his piƱata helmet. Jordan tells him: "Zip it, nerd. The only reason I invited you is because, for some reason, you have your own Spongebob Squarepants costume." JD: "It was a gift." JD's internal monologue: "From me to me!" Jordan tells JD not to come to the party, because her whole family is in town. Underscoring the point, Danni (Tara Reid) walks up, leaving JD to wonder what to say to the girl he dumped three weeks earlier. JD settles on blurting out, "I destroyed that videotape we made." Cut to a video of Danni taking a golf swing and hitting JD in the crotch. JD thinks she isn't selling it enough, and that no one at America's Funniest Home Videos will think it's real. Danni just wants to go home and have sex, but JD says no. Back in reality, JD muses, "Now I'll never meet Bob Saget." Hasn't he guest-starred on this show yet? Because it seems like everyone else on God's green earth has.

Jordan and family stroll out to the parking lot as JD asks Cox if Ben's coming in too. Cox foreshadows that Ben will have to make a grand entrance, and then be depressed when no one is impressed. Just then, Ben drops down (from where?) and lands on the hood of a nearby car, causing JD to scream and fall into some bushes. Ben takes photos of JD as he writhes in pain and cries out, "The thorns!" Ben asks him to put his head at "a less jarring angle," and JD cries out, "I can't!" And...credits. I'm no Superman.

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