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Sealed with a Hex
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Now that Abbie and Ichabod have captured the main villain of Sleepy Hollow, it’s a little difficult to see where they could go next. So after Abbie teaches Ichabod a fist-bump (to commemorate the capture) they deduce that since they can’t kill the Horseman, because Ichabod did behead the guy, after all. They decide to interrogate him -- you know, the guy with no head or mouth from which to speak. Irving sees the issue, but Ichabod is dead set. They decide they’ll seek help from the Horseman’s minion: crooked Andy Brooks. Andy regrets his past actions and Ichabod suspects that he’s got feelings for Abbie. (Is there a young cop on the force who doesn’t?).

While our heroes are setting up a plan, one drops right into the Hessian cell’s lap. While hunting in the forest, two hunters come across the Horseman’s rider-less demon horse. While one of the hunters looks confused, the other makes a call in German, demanding a team assembles, and shoots his confused hunting buddy.

Back in the tunnels, Ichabod and Abbie are searching for Andy, who’s been living in what amounts to a cave. While they ransack his "home," they realize that Andy must be the Horseman’s necromancer (a.k.a. his mouth piece) and that’s when Andy waltzes in to confirm their suspicions. They hit him with the plan: Andy speaks for the Horseman and Abbie and Ichabod get a road map for all the evil that’s on its way. But Andy doesn’t want to act as a translator because how knows the Horseman will make him do something he doesn’t want to do, but Abbie begs him with her best googly eyes and he gives in. Hellfire, be damned… or something.

At that exact moment, an alternate duo is forming. Upon Abbie’s mention of Jenny’s release from the mental hospital, Irving calls in the younger Mills sister to bully her into helping out with their secret mission. (He doesn’t know that she’s already willing since she and Abbie made up, but good game face, Irving). As he’s wagging his finger at Jenny, he gets a call to respond to a break-in. Jenny knows the owner of the shop because he hired her to find special artifacts once, so Irving insists she start that helpful streak of hers now.

On the scene, it’s obvious that the break-in was staged because they didn’t take any valuable jewels. (If you’re going to be a criminal, can’t you at least put some effort into it, dudes?). This leads Jenny and Irving to the super-secret back room, where the owner is lying on the floor with a gunshot wound. He directs them to a particular box, which they find is empty. The missing item is a relic that lifts hexes; Irving realizes the Hessians are out to lift the curse on the hexed Mason cell holding the Horseman. And while it takes them a while, the second string duo also realizes the Hessians will aim to take out the power grid too, in order to take out the U.V. lights.

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Sleepy Hollow




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