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The Hardy Whores Do Dallas

Renegade Lutherans: "Jesus! Angels! Heaven!"
Bartender Paul: "Fuck you!"
Renegade Lutherans: [BANG!]

Bartender Paul slumps to the floor, dead at the hand of Redheaded Janice, who seethes, "No one's gonna stop me from seeing my son again!" METAL TEETH CHZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! "I think we should switch over to Grey's Anatomy!" Raoul! "Yes?!" Bite your tongue. "Hee! [Slurp!]"

This Week's Motel Room. Aftermath. Deeply Depressed El Deano, his hands streaked with Bartender Paul's blood, slouches through the door to find Sam and a still-drunk Castiel waiting for him. "Where the hell have you been?" Dean grumps at My Sweet Baboo. "On a bender!" Castiel grumps right back. Heh. Dean, of course, is shocked and appalled that their guardian angel is thrashed, but Castiel simply howls, "IT IS NOT OF IMPORT!" and turns Our Intrepid Heroes' collective attention to The Attention Whore at hand. Turns out The LYING LEAH WHO LIES is actually The Whore Of Babylon, yet another Revelation beast who rose with Lucifer to lay waste to this worthless little town in southern Minnesota for whatever stupid reason. The real Leah Gideon, of course, has likely been dead for the last couple of months, and The Attention Whore Of Babylon took her place to lure the good people of Blue Earth into perdition, or something like that. You'd think these Revelation people would have better things to do with their time. Sigh. Anyway, those hordes of demons swarming the town? Under her control. And that nifty little Enochian exorcism? "Fake," Castiel reveals with a broad grin creeping across his blotto face. "It actually means, 'You breed with the mouth of a goat.'" Our Intrepid Heroes stare. "It's funnier in Enochian." Heh. Dean takes a moment to absorb all of this, then wonders, "So, then, how do we go Pimp Of Babylon all over this bitch?" "Language!" He can't hear you, Raoul. "Drat! [Slurp!]"

Church, and now it's Redheaded Janelle's turn to smear her ungodly amounts of mascara all over her face as she suffers from shooter's remorse back in the rectory. The LYING LEAH WHO LIES assures the soulless ginger that offing Bartender Paul served the town's greater good, and then Father Rough And Ready enters to say...something I totally don't care about at this point, because now all we're doing is marking time until Sam or Dean or Castiel just frigging sporks The Attention Whore Of Babylon already, and is this episode over yet? "It is not!" Crap. "[Slurp!]" I hate you, Raoul. "Hee!"

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