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The Hardy Whores Do Dallas

ANY-way, long story short, that higher power ends up being Father Rough And Ready's very own daughter, "Leah," who claims she started receiving visions a couple of months ago, and it's through these visions that she knows where the demons will attack, how to fight those demons off, how to exorcise any stragglers with a special Enochian spell, and what to do when two pretty Kansas boys with super-special angel-repelling sigils carved into their ribcages show up in town, the latter of which involves welcoming them with both open arms and a simpering smile plastered across her face. I don't think I'll be surprising anyone when I note that Leah seems far too good to be true. Well, I won't be surprising anyone except Our Intrepid Idiots, who immediately jump to the conclusion that Leah's a holy Prophet Of The Lord just like the much-abused and much-missed Chuck, and proceed to throw their lot in with The Renegade Lutherans. Dipshits. "Language!" Bite me. "Hee! [Slurp!]"

Bar. Sam's dialed Castiel's cell, and this is what he hears after a couple of rings:

The Voicemail Lady: You have reached the voicemail of...
My Sweet Baboo: I don't understand -- why do you want me to say my name?
[Sound of Castiel punching random buttons on the keypad.]
The Voicemail: BEEEEEEEP!

HA! Sam warily notes that he and Dean could use Castiel's assistance on their current case in Blue Earth, Minnesota, and tacks on a hopeful wish that My Sweet Baboo actually receives the message before he hangs up. Hee. Sam turns accept a couple of free beers from the most diminutive of his earlier saviors, who happens to own the joint. "Busy night," Sam notices. "I'm tellin' ya," The Most Diminutive Of His Earlier Saviors replies with a grin, "since The End started, it's been like one long last call." Atta girl. Um. Girls. Oh, you know what I mean. Anyway, Sam totes the free beers over to the table Dean's secured, and the two hash over a couple of interpretations of recent events -- neither of which, as it eventually turns out, is correct. Dean thinks the demonic hordes are targeting the preacher's daughter, while Sam's just pissed off that the angels are sending these innocent Minnesotans to do their dirty work. "They could get ripped to shreds!" Sam frets. Dean thinks that one over for a moment, then levels with his brother like so: "We're all gonna die, Sam, in, like, a month. Maybe two." Sam's silent frown indicates he disagrees with Dean's assertion, so Dean stresses, "I mean it! This is the end of the world, but these people aren't freaking out. In fact, they're running to the exits in an orderly fashion, and I don't know that that's such a bad thing." "Who says they're all gonna die?" Sam counters, more than a little annoyed with Dean's sudden turn towards extreme negativity. "What about us saving them?" Dean looks vaguely guilty at this, but before he can reply, the church bells ring out, calling everyone to an emergency meeting because "Leah's had another vision," so it's back to the...

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