A Little Slice of Kevin

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Ol' Blue Eyes is Back
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The ads for this episode pretty much gave away most of the surprise. I mean, they were all, "Welcome back, Cass!" in the voice-over and everything. It's understandable they would want to promote the episode and Misha Collins is a draw for a lot of viewers, but they basically showed every bit of Castiel's return, up to and including his reunion with Dean. It lessened something that should have had more of an emotional impact. Still, it was a hell of a lot better than the Civil War between the Winchesters that we got last week.

THEN! Dean and Sam found the Lord's Littlest Prophet, Kevin Tran, who was more than a bit surprised to see them after a year's absence. Dean explained that he was in Purgatory and Sam... well, Sam hit a dog. Kevin had managed to escape from Crowley by using a spell in the Word of God tablet (chapter: Demons) that blasted a bunch of minions into oblivion. The Winchesters reunited Kevin with his mother, who showed off her mean right hook by punching Crowley. Crowley possessed her for a bit and ran off with the tablet. Kevin escaped with his addled mother, leaving the Winchesters baffled for several episodes. Dean met an adorable angel named Samandriel who wore a delightfully tragic Wiener Hut uniform. Dean had several flashbacks to his escape from Purgatory, particularly of the moment when he somehow lost his grip on the Lord's Grubbiest Angel.

NOW! We open on a preschool playground perched right next to a glimmering lake. It seems like kind of a terrible place to put a preschool playground. There isn't even a fence. Hopefully swimming lessons are part of the curriculum. Most of the kids run around and frolic and squeal, but one boy sits at a table, elbow-deep in poster paint. A young woman kneels down beside him. "It's finger painting, Aaron, not body painting," she gently chides him. She leads him to the restroom to get cleaned up. Just before she follows him inside, she casts a look behind her as if to make sure the tots are still on dry land and not belly up in the water like last week's goldfish. But no, it's simply to make sure we see her eyes turn demonically black. As she closes herself in the restroom with little Aaron, a bright light flashes behind the door. Dark clouds gather over the playground. A strong wind begins to blow. A small tornado chases the children away from their swing set. The restroom door bangs open, revealing that Aaron and his demonic teacher have vanished. Taking their place is the fiery title card.

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