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Demian: A | 8 USERS: A+
Every Hardy Boy Plays the Fool
_Georgia" target="_blank">New Hope to Carthage, but whatever, because I've a funeral to attend to. "[Sniffle!] [Slurp!]" There, there, Raoul. It's almost over. "[HONK!]" Lacking actual corpses to place on a pyre, as is traditional in these situations, Bobby chooses instead to wheel himself over to the fireplace, where he gently places that last black-and-white photo of the gang atop the burning logs. Sam and Dean somehow manage to manfully withhold their tears, and we watch in silence as Ellen and Jo are slowly reduced to ash.

Well, I'm about ready to kill myself. Again. How about you, Raoul? "[HOOOOOOOOOOOOONK!]" I see we are on the same page, my faithful lizardly companion. "Litrilly, even!" Happy holidays to you all, and we'll see you back here in 2010. "New Year's kisses! New Year's kisses to all of my pretties!"

Demian hates Eric Kripke even more than he hates your fan fiction. Raoul is prostrate with grief. "Woe!" You may reach the former at The latter is an imaginary gay dragon currently under house arrest on the Internet.

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