Adventures In Babysitting

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Dear Mister Hardy Boy, Play Us A Tune

The screen cuts to black after this evening's SNOT ROCKET! and, after a moment, the words "Week One" emerge from the gloom to hang there in space for a bit until the camera slowly fades up on the interior of that ridiculously rustic homestead in Bozeman or Billings or wherever to focus on Our Intrepid Heroes, whom we find slumped over in a couple of chairs, looking miserable and depressed. That was exciting, wasn't it?

"Week Two." Darling Sammy tidies up around the kitchen in the far blurry background of the shot while Doleful El Deano slugs back some whiskey on the couch, all the while staring at a legal pad upon which he has angrily scrawled "45489" in bitterly black ink. Sam opens a drawer to find Dead Bobby's address book stowed away inside, and we take a moment to gaze upon his immensely sad sideburns before cross-fading back to the sofa, where Dean's been brainstorming some possible interpretations of the number in question, none of which he's found to his liking.

"Week Three." By now, Dean's filled a corkboard with scraps of paper relating to Richard Roman and his various business interests, busily drawing lines between items that are seemingly connected to Dead Bobby's mysterious numbers. Sam presently enters to fetch himself a soothing El Sol from the refrigerator and, after taking a moment to consider his words, he decides to ask, "Should we be telling people? I mean, people he knew?" To absolutely no one's surprise, Dreary El Deano blatantly ignores the implications of Sam's question in favor of bitching, "How long ago did I give Frank these numbers? It's been a few weeks, right? Is he nuts, or is he just being rude?" So, they're dragging Frank Devereaux back into the story, then? Why kill off one paranoid, know-it-all hairball if you're just going to replace him with another? God, I hate this show. Anyway, Sam replies, "Probably both," to Dean's question before pressing him on the issue of notifying Dead Bobby's network regarding the gentleman's untimely demise. Dean of course flat-out refuses to deal with the situation at all, thus forcing their conversation to an awkward and grinding halt, and in the middle of the silence, one of Dead Bobby's cell phones starts ringing.

"Hello?" Sam answers. "Is Bobby Singer there?" a girl's voice can be heard to ask. "No," Sam replies, "but I'm a friend of his." "My dad asked me to call Bobby Singer specifically," the as-yet-unseen girl complains. "He's not here," Sam evasively responds, "but if you need..." Click! Well, it's actually a click followed immediately by a dial tone because even Supernatural's sound effects guys have stopped caring at this point, and as Dean picks up a full El Sol of his own from the kitchen table, the boys chat about the mysterious call, with Sam arguing firmly in favor of tracking the terse little girl down while Dean just as strenuously insists they should focus on Frank Devereaux and Dead Bobby's numbers, instead. Things threaten to get all snarly and intense for a second, but then they decide to split up in order to pursue their separate interests, so it ends up being no big deal. Except, of course, for the fact that it is always a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad idea for these two morons to split up in order to pursue their separate interests, because when they do, one of them always -- always -- ends up in mortal danger by the second commercial break. Idiots.

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