Adventures In Babysitting

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Dear Mister Hardy Boy, Play Us A Tune

...Stately Clarke Manor, where Dashing El Deano's just arrived to take control of the increasingly dire situation. He immediately clomps into Ian Tracey's bedroom to start ransacking the place, whereupon he quickly discovers what little remains of Ian's Magical Mystery Board in the closet. You see, Chrissy -- who'd known what the score was the entire time, despite the innocent act she played for Sam's supposed benefit all those many scenes ago -- destroyed all evidence of her father's hunt in order, protect herself? Against creatures who are three or four states away, or something? And don't even know who the hell she is? It's never made clear, and I can't bring myself to care, so whatever. Dean demands Chrissy tell him what she knows of her father's research, pronto, Chrissy quite reasonably responds to this request by pulling a gun on his tantalizing ass, and yet another pointless standoff ensues until Dean agrees to drag her along for the ride down to Dodge City.

Crapped-Out Buick, several hours later. "I have a question," Chrissy begins, but Dean's not having it with this touchy-feely self-help chit-chat crap, bitch, and he tells her to zip it. Chrissy, surprisingly enough, complies. For all of three seconds, after which she announces, "One thing doesn't make sense -- my dad's a pretty great hunter, and your brother's the size of a car, so how'd this thing get them both?" "Vetalas usually hunt in pairs," Dean pissily replies. "Sam and your dad both assumed it was one thing, hunting solo." "And you know different because...?" Chrissy prompts. "Because I hunted one that turned out to be two a couple years back," Dean grumbles. "And you never told Sam?" Chrissy howls, outraged, and shut the fuck up, Chrissy. The only reason I'm bothering to transcribe this conversation in the first place is because you got in a good one with that whole "your brother's the size of a car" thing, and now you've gone and ruined it all with that utterly uncalled-for attitude of yours. Christ, I hate kids on TV. In any event, Dean confesses that he didn't tell Sam because Sam was away at Stanford at the time, and Chrissy goggles at the fact that a lowly hunter's child actually went to college, and is this scene over yet? "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" Good.

Warehouse. Good Time Sally enters to taunt and sneer at her captives for a bit before moving to snack on Ian Tracey one last, fatal time. Darling Sammy selflessly goads her into snacking on him, instead, by insulting her appearance before regaling her with a probable LIE about how he took down two of her Vetalian sisters in Utah, and as Sam passes out from the sudden onslaught of neck-sucking, we cross-fade back to...

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