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The Hardy Boys, Defeated!
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Raoul, I believe you have yet another announcement to make before we begin? "I certainly do! [Ahem!] EFH can download me to her hard drive anytime!" Raoul! That's...that's repulsive! "What on earth could you possib...oh! OH! My profuse apologies, most certainly! Thanks for everything, EFH!" I swear to GOD, Raoul. ANY-way, on with the recap!

"A storm's comin', and you boys? You are smack in the middle of it." Crackle, Crackle THE ROAD SO FAR! The runs up and down the scale that mark the opening of Boston's "Foreplay" that'd been dancing around underneath give way to the track's first hard guitar chord just as The Ceiling Demon blows up their mother in the series premiere. After a couple of quick blackouts a the appropriate moments, the second chord hits as Tiny Sam wails in his crib, and the third arrives just as the nursery goes nuclear above Shut Up Daddy's head. "You know the truth?" The Yellow-Eyed Ceiling Demon asks Shut Up Daddy in this season's first episode. "About Sammy and the other children?" A blink-and-you'll-miss-it quick-cut montage of those other super-special mommy-free and -having children whips by to land upon the kimono-jacketed Andy Gallagher cheerily accepting a cup of coffee in Guthrie, Oklahoma, during "Simon Said" right before Ava Wilson introduces herself to Sam in Lafayette, Indiana's Blue Rose Motel during "Hunted." "I didn't hurt anybody," Andy howls, leading Sam to smirk, "Yeah, not yet." And while Max The Psychotic Psychokinetic from "Nightmare" threatens his stepmother's eye with a kitchen knife, Sam gets him to admit in a voice-over that Max's powers first appeared seven months before that particular episode aired. "How'd you know that?" the snot-nosed and doomed Max bleats. "The same thing killed our mothers!" Sam urgently replies, in an answer that makes sense only in the context of this opening sequence. Another quick-cut montage reminds us all of the details leading up to Mary Winchester's untimely demise, particularly the bit where she thought she saw her husband looming over Sam's crib before realizing that the man she thought she saw couldn't possibly be Shut Up Daddy. "We were chosen!" Sam continues. "For what?" The Snottily Psychotic Psychokinetic snaps. "I don't know!" Sam breathes.

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