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The Hardy Boys, Defeated!

Anyway, we'll ignore the fact that The Ceiling Demon could very well be LYING about all of that for the moment, because we're now getting his reasons for nailing Jessica to the ceiling with a foot-wide gash through her torso: "She just had to die. You were all set to marry that little blonde thing -- become a tax lawyer with two kids, a beer gut, and a McMansion in the suburbs -- and I needed you sharp, on the road, honing your skills, your gifts!." "Little"? Jessica? She's an Amazon, for Christ's sake. Did The Ceiling Demon not notice the way she was looming over Li'l Stumpy in the last episode? Maybe he should remove those colored contacts of his once in a while. I think they're adversely affecting his eyesight. No matter, though, for Sam's moved on to inquire regarding The Ceiling Demon's motives for offing his mother, and here's where this whole sequence really gets interesting. "That was bad luck," The Demon replies, referring to Mary Winchester's immolation. "She walked in on us," The Demon continues, being rather uncomfortably NAMBLA about the whole thing. "Wrong place, wrong time!" Sam's mighty bitchface reveals he believes not a word of this. Good thing he caught The Ceiling Demon in a "charitable" mood, then, for with a snap of his fingers, The Demon whisks them both into a "high-definition instant replay" of the fatal night in question, and I am telling you this right now: I refuse to get all conspiracy-theory about the differing details between the way this first played out in the pilot and now, because, seriously, people, they just did not hang on to those frigging baby blankets they used in the crib two years ago, and the tousle-haired infant from 2005 is now waaaaaaay too far into toddlerdom to be passing itself off as a nine-month-old, and we know they couldn't get Jeffrey Dean Morgan back to reenact his role as the mysterious shadow lurking above Sam's crib, so DROP IT. In any event, once you push past the unimportant natterings of the present-day Sam and Demon, the most important parts of what follows are these: The Ceiling Demon actually sliced open his wrist with his fingernail to feed Tiny Sam a few drops of his blood, and when Mary initially ran into the room from the stairwell after realizing Shut Up Daddy was actually asleep in front of the TV, she caught sight of The Demon's yellow eyes and whispered, "It's you!" That scream that awoke Shut Up Daddy? Actually happened after The Demon had already pushed her up the wall onto the ceiling. So now you know. Well, now you know, if The Demon isn't LYING about everything, of course. As Sam grows increasingly agitated watching his mother die all over again, The Ceiling Demon croons, "I don't think you really want to see this," and with a wave of his hand, he propels Sam back into...

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