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The Hardy Boys, Defeated!

There follows a fight scene surprisingly lengthy given the fact that Darling Sammy suh-huuuuuucks as hard as he does with the hand-to-hand. At some point, G.I. Jake apparently shatters one of Darling Sammy's remarkably broad shoulders, a sin for which G.I. Jake shall never be forgiven. "KILL HIM!" shrieks Raoul. "KILL THE ONE WHO WOULD HARM THE SHOULDERS!" So nice to see Raoul's recovered from his earlier scare with the moppet, isn't it? In any event, and long story short, Sam finally manages to subdue the grunt by bashing the latter unconscious with one of those handy iron bars they'd wrested from the farm equipment earlier, and Sam makes yet another strategic error when he fails to finish the bastard off. No, Sam instead chooses life, like he's in Wham! all of a sudden, and just as he slings the iron bar aside, he hears Dean calling out his name from the far end of the ghost town's only drag. Sam turns his back on G.I. Jake's apparently out-of-it form to stagger happily in Dean and Bobby's direction, which of course gives the actually conscious G.I. Jake the perfect opportunity to snatch up Sam's discarded Bowie knife and plunge the thing into Sam's back. And twist it around a couple of times before yanking it out, just to add insult to injury. Oh, Sam. Why do you have to be as dumb as your brother? As Sam sinks to his knees in the mud, Bobby takes off after the fleeing G.I. Jake -- instead of shooting him with the shotgun Bobby holds in his hands right this very instant, because Bobby's now as stupid as Dean and Sam -- while Dean races to catch the rapidly dying Sam in his arms before Sam face-plants into the ghost town's only drag.

And then Sam dies. In Dean's arms. And while Jensen Ackles admittedly does a hell of a job with the frantically self-delusional desperation they've given Dean during the scene, I've grown so tired of this episode by this point that all I'm noticing is the way Jared Padalecki's head is bobbling around like a bladder on a stick. In the end, then, the camera cranes up above Dean cradling Sam's rapidly cooling and unnaturally enormous corpse in his arms to the point where both of the boys look impossibly small against the field of unbroken mud that surrounds them, and that's where I'm going to pretend the episode ends, because we really didn't need that final close-up on the single, perfect tear dropping from El Deano's left eye to race down his cheek and disappear off his chin. No, we didn't. Shut up.

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