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The Hardy Boys, Defeated!

And then? "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" Raoul The Big Gay Supernatural Dragon writhes around on his overstuffed armchair with delight as Darling Sammy's struck by a particularly painful premonition that is actually an outstanding montage of various bits of Monster Chow getting impaled and gutted and splatted against windows during the course of the series. "It's faaaaaaaab-ulous!" Raoul breathlessly enthuses. Indeed, and I can see the uncle getting decapitated by the window in "Nightmare," Sam pressing a gun to Whackjob Gordon's head in "Hunted," El Deano nearly taking a hunting knife through his throat in "Roadkill," The Ginormotron erupting into a mighty spray of Sam bits, Metallicar screaming around a corner mere moments before getting t-boned by a semi, Dean blasting a rock-salt-sized hole through Jonah's spectral head, and, right after Ava insists she dreamt of Scott Carey getting gutted like a fish with an enormous serrated hunting knife, Scott Carey gets gutted like a fish with an enormous serrated hunting knife. "VIOLENCE!" Raoul shrieks, positively giddy with excitement. "WANTON ACTS OF UNREPENTANT VIOLENCE AND GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!"

And look at that! We nearly missed one example of the delightfully hideous gruesomeness that makes this show such a joy to watch. As Darling Sammy reminds the audience of Andy's ability to control the actions of others through the power of supernatural suggestion, we get to see the elderly Doctor Doc blow away the proprietor of the hardware store that also sells guns, despite the fact that it was Andy's Evil Twin Anson who was responsible for all of the murder and mayhem in that episode. After Andy does in fact talk El Dean out of the Impala, Tracy leaps from The Impossible Dam in yet another flashback to one of Sam's painful premonitions, and right after Sam realizes Ava's yet another one of the super-special mommy-free and -having children, Ava herself's all, "Screw you, buddy, 'cause I'm a secretary from Peoria, and I'm not part of anything!" Meanwhile, Whackjob Gordon's informing a tied-up Dean of The Ceiling Demon's plan to initiate a war with humanity using all of the super-special psychic kids, and the Winchester nursery's windows burst out into the night in terrific gouts of flame right before Hot Dead Scott and Obnoxious Dead Anson reveal that The Yellow-Eyed Man's been visiting them in their dreams, telling them to do awful things while teasing about the big plans he has for them. And no sooner has Sam guessed that The Ceiling Demon's master plan is actually to drive all of the super-special kiddies bonkers than Sam and El Deano discover Ava's fiancé slaughtered, Ava missing, and sulphur all over the windowsill of Ava's bedroom.

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