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The Hardy Boys, Triumphant!
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Crackle, Crackle THE ROAD SO FAR! Again! Some more! Eh, it was better last week, so let's keep this brief, shall we? As The Kripkeeper recycles "Carry On My Wayward Son" from last season's "Salvation," we're reminded of a few things relevant to this evening's episode: The Fucking Colt That Can Kill Anything Except When It Can't; the fact that The Ceiling Demon is now in possession of said Fucking Colt; the existence of Crossroads Demons, who barter certain gifts in exchange for the eternal souls of those foolish enough to trade with them; the terms of last week's Demonic Miss America Pageant; and The Death Of The Sammy at G.I. Jake's hand, despite the fact that Darling Sammy was Our Yellow-Eyed Acquaintance's favorite in the competition. The montage isn't that bad, though, for it's absolutely littered with visual references to just about every episode this season, including Sam rescuing various nondemonic moppets during "Everybody Loves A Clown" and "Playthings," Dean bursting through Kurt's condominium door in "Heart" and deploying a little flashlight-fu behind the walls in "No Exit" before directing a shotgun blast at Jonah's spectral form in "Roadkill," Sam summoning Dead Gay Tobey during "Houses Of The Holy," both boys desecrating the movie star's grave in "Hollywood Babylon," The Frigging Genie choking Sam before Dean offs it with a tainted silver knife in "What Is And What Should Never Be," Dean blowing holes through the evil clown's spectral form, some Metallicar action shots, and Tough-Guy Jazz-Hands from "Croatoan," and Sam aerating the zombie chick's head at the end of "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things." So, you know, not a complete waste of time, but still. Not a good sign for the rest of the evening. And as Kansas gets to that bit about laying your weary head to rest, the camera cranes up above Dean cradling Sam's rapidly cooling and unnaturally enormous corpse in his arms to the point where both of the boys look impossibly small against the field of unbroken mud that surrounds them, and then, as he's encouraged not to cry no more, the camera screams in tight on Dean's face so he might bellow once more, "SAAAAAM!" and we're off to the...

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