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The Hardy Boys, Triumphant!
In any event, a grieving and likely heavily drunk El Deano continues, "You just started asking questions -- how come we didn't have a mom, why did we always have to move around, where'd [Our Worthless Bastard Of A So-Called Father] go when he'd take off for days at a time? I remember I'd beg you, 'Quit asking, Sammy! Man, you don't wanna know.' I just wanted you to be a kid, just for a little while longer." Nice little callback to "Something Wicked," that, but now I'm getting a Shirley MacLaine in Terms Of Endearment vibe, and that's never a good thing. Oh, Dean. Oblivious to me and my mocking ways, Dean allows himself a fond, wistful smile at the memory and keeps at it with, "I was trying to protect you -- keep you safe. [Our Worthless Bastard Of A So-Called Father] didn't even have to tell me. It was just always my responsibility, you know?" Sam does not know, because as I believe I noted earlier, SAM IS DEAD. "It's like I had one job -- that one job," Dean emphasizes right before his voice cracks a bit, and the tremendous pussy allows a sob to escape as he realizes, "and I screwed it up! I blew it, and for that, I'm sorry." A single, perfect tear escapes his right eye at this moment and drops directly into the blackness beneath the lower edge of the frame before two more appear to trickle down his face. Dean wipes these away almost immediately, and with a grim bitterness settling into his tone, he supposes aloud, "I guess that's what I do! I let down the people I love." "I let [Our Worthless Bastard Of A So-Called Father] down," he falsely recalls, "and now I guess I'm just supposed to let you down, too." "How can I?" he suddenly wonders to himself, just as The Emo Oboe Of The ANGST That Is Going To Kill The Recapper And His Ever-Faithful Yet Severely Deluded Lizardly Companion unexpectedly gives way to a set of low, tense strings. "How am I supposed to live with that?" he demands of the entirely unresponsive corpse, giving in to the tears for a moment. "What am I supposed to do, Sammy? What am I supposed to do?" Sam hasn't an answer, of course, because SAM IS DEAD, DEAN. GOD! Dean bellows his last question once more at the sky, or wherever, and the next thing we know...

...the Impala's headlights flash on, and Dean tears off down the road towards points unknown. Well, points unknown if you didn't catch the Crackle, Crackle THE ROAD SO FAR!, of course. And it's a pity we didn't get to see him pull The Dean Winchester Patented Bow-Legged Clompy Stomp Of Great Vengeance And Furious Anger through the two miles of South Dakota coastal rainforest he needed to traverse to reach the car, isn't it? No matter, for after Jensen Ackles's stunt double sends the Impala fishtailing through an intersection and off across a stretch of rural highway, the grimly determined El Deano quickly reaches his destination: An isolated crossroads, in the middle of the night. There's a fast montage of Dean rooting through Metallicar's bottomless trunk for the various disgusting tools of the voodoo trade necessary to fill the appropriate tin box -- the name on the false U.S. Wildlife Service ID he uses to meet the photo requirement is "Agent Dean Ford," by the way -- before Dean clompy-stomps to the center of the crossroads to start digging through the gravel and the dirt with his bare hands. Soon enough, the summons has been buried, and Dean waits a very long time for the saucy demonette to appear, eventually screaming out in frustration, "Show your face, you bitch!" And when she mysteriously and silently appears behind his back to smirk, "Easy, sugar, you'll wake the neighbors!" it becomes clear what delayed her: That fancy style-and-set she snagged for her host body before arriving for this tawdry little assignation. Tonight's saucy brunette Crossroads Demonette is being played by Ona Grauer, by the way, who last worked with The Kripkeeper on the pilot of his justifiably ill-fated Tarzan, and the less said about that, the better.

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