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The Hardy Boys, Triumphant!
Meanwhile, back in Cold Oak, Dead Sam's eyelids suddenly snap open. He pushes himself up onto his elbows and frantically scans the surrounding room until he's gobbled up by the METAL TEETH CHOMP!, and the lovely and talented Celebrindal25 just won a Metallicar t-shirt! Hooray!

Back in Cold Oak, Zombie Sam's recovered sufficiently enough to hoist up his shirt and examine the slowly healing wound in his back via its reflection in a miraculously still-hanging mirror. Just as miraculously, Dean's already traversed the two miles' worth of South Dakota coastal rainforest back to town from the Impala, and is now entering the dilapidated room. "Sammy?" Dean bleats before striding across the floor to pull The Ginormous Revenant into a tight embrace. Zombie Sam winces in excruciating pain, however, ruining the moment before it's even begun. Hee. I don't want to say, "Suck it, Wincesters," but...suck it, wincesters. In any event, and long story short, Dean eases his zombified brother into a chair, and then, when Sam wonders what happened, LIES about the events of the previous evening, claiming Sam's fatal wound was nothing more than a scratch that Bobby quickly patched up. Zombie Sam seems to buy it and begins to offer G.I. Jake's backstory, but Dean insists they eat something first, so it's back to the outer room for some braaaaaaaaains, and oh, my God, this show can go straight to hell. In addition to a KFC, Cold Oak's apparently also blessed with functioning Domino's, Szechuan Palace, and 7-Eleven franchises as well. ["Oh, like the strip mall in hell wouldn't have a Domino's." -- Joe R] Unless, of course, they're no longer actually in Cold Oak and are simply using the Cold Oak sets for all of th...oh, the hell with it. I give up. "As well you should have!" Raoul opines. "Twenty minutes ago!" Can it, Raoul. "Back at you, you ninny!" I think the lack of gore thus far has made us both a little grumpy. "You think?!" Nevertheless, we must soldier on, my scaly friend, to note that as they chow down on their improbable breakfasts, Our Intrepid Heroes fill each other in on both The Ceiling Demon's apparent plans now that he's identified the so-called winner of the Cold Oak cage match and the impressive yet off-screen immolation of Harvelle's, and there are a couple of touching moments wherein the still-injured Zombie Sam insists they get back on the road to deal with everything, pronto, and Dean rather heartbreakingly attempts to have his freshly resurrected brother just rest for a little while, but Sam wins out -- mainly because he's chosen to deploy The Super-Special Undead Puppy-Dog Eyes Of Anxious And Zombified Pleading And Determination -- and so Metallicar's quickly grumbling down a rural backroads until they hit...

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