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Death Becomes The Hardy Boys

...a really shitty Julia Roberts movie a really shitty episode of Charmed the ethereal plane. Which looks an awful lot like the actual plane, only there are now two Deans, one a stumpy little bow-legged rapidly cooling corpse on Doctor Robert's examining table, and the other a stumpy little bow-legged specter now ambling over to examine his own body. Didn't they used to pull special filtering tricks with the camera to indicate when the guys had crossed over? Whatever. I suppose special camera filters got axed from this season's budget along with all the funds they used to have for mullet rock. Yawn.

In any event, Spectral El Deano wastes not an instant running downstairs -- which, when you think about it, is a stupid and pointless thing for him to do, as everything that transpires from this point on could just as easily have taken place up in Doctor Robert's makeshift office -- and once he reaches the grocery's lunch counter, he unleashes a stream of Latination I'll not even attempt to transcribe. "What the hell?" Tessa The Reaper peeves the instant Dean's Latination magically summons her to the grocery's interior. "I was in the Sudan!" she continues, stomping on over to verbally bitchslap him until she suddenly realizes It's Not Dean's Time, at which point she wonders, "Why are you dead?" "Because I need a favor," Dean replies. Over Tessa's strident objections, Dean insists, "Tell your boss I need to talk to him." "Where do you get the nerve?" she squints, looking for all the ethereal world like she's going to bitchslap him for real. "Desperate times," Spectral El Deano attempts to joke. Tessa launches herself into a pissy tizzy at this, and just as she's in the middle of heatedly informing Our Ghostly Hero that Reapers wouldn't dare call on their boss for anything, the boss man himself materializes somewhere off-camera to mellowly interrupt, "All right, Tessa. Thank you very much." Spectral El Deano spins around to find...Capital-D Death sitting at the Chinese luncheonette! DUN! Except, you know, not, because Death's presence is what Dean was asking for in the first place. Stupid show. Death greets Spectral El Deano amiably enough, Spectral El Deano gulps, and then the scene is rudely interrupted by the...

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