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Death Becomes The Hardy Boys

Meanwhile, Doctor Robert and Nurse Eva are zapping Spectral El Deano's rapidly cooling corpse with paddles, to no apparent effect.

"What do you think the soul is?" Capital-D Death rhetorically wonders back down in the Chinese luncheonette. "Some pie you can slice? The soul can be bludgeoned and tortured, but never broken, not even by me." "There's got to be something!" Dean protests, and wouldn't you know it? There is. What are the odds? "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" Yeah, I don't give a shit about any of this, either, so let's get this sequence over with: While Death "cannot erase Sam's Hell," he can erect a sort of a wall in Sam's being or eternal essence or whatever that will block Sam's memories of Hell from his active mind. Dean decides this wall is better than nothing, leading Tessa to caution, "It's not permanent." "She's right," Death confirms, adding, "Nothing lasts forever -- well, I do." "Okay, so that's the choice?" Dean asks. "Sam with no soul, or Sam with some drywall that, if or when it collapses, he's done?" "Yeah, pretty much," Death more or less replies, so Dean's all, "Do it!" "I never said I'd do it," Death smiles, and here comes the bit that sends Dean spinning off into his aggravatingly stupid subplot for the evening: Death instructs Dean to wear Death's ring for an entire day.

Meanwhile, Doctor Robert sends Nurse Eva off to fetch a syringe full of adrenaline for Spectral El Deano's rapidly cooling corpse, because God forbid we get through the terms of Spectral El Deano's deal with Capital-D Death without another completely unnecessary interruption.

"Take the ring off before the twenty-four hours are up," Death explains back down in the Chinese luncheonette, "and you lose -- no soul for Sam, clear?" Spectral El Deano, having no other choice, agrees to the wager, but he does dare to ask why Death proposed it in the first place. "Simple," Death replies, "because..."

Dean gasps himself awake on Doctor Robert's examining table before he can hear the rest of Death's answer. "You couldn't have given me five more seconds?" Dean bitches. "Son," comes Doctor Robert's cornpone-inflected answer, "you were gone for seven minutes." Ohhhhhh! I totally missed that bit of information the first time around. So, the reason Dean's such a complete fucking dumbass throughout the rest of the episode is because he's brain-damaged? "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" Shut up, Raoul.

"You what?" Darling Sammy bites back at Bobby's Emporium deep within the lush coastal rainforests of southeastern South Dakota. Dean's returned from his out-of-body experience, you see, and has just explained the plan to an outraged Sam and a decidedly nonplussed Bobby. Sam, quite naturally, wants nothing to do with it, for he heard all about how gross and soggy his soul's become over the last year or so, and he'll be damned if he's going to allow anyone to shove that thing down his throat. Dean explains the whole wall concept, leading Sam to of course wonder if said wall concept represents a permanent cure for whatever's currently ailing his unwanted eternal bits. Dean's forced to admit that the solution is temporary, so Sam tells him to forget about it. "I'm trying to save your life!" Dean yells. "Exactly!" Sam explodes right back at him. "It's my life, it's my soul, and it sure as hell isn't your head that's gonna explode when this whole scheme of yours goes sideways!" Several points to The Ginormotron. Which is another way of saying: Shut up, Dean. "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" That, too. Bobby pushes himself to his feet from the sofa at this thrilling juncture to wonder what Dean's half of the deal entails, and once that little secret's out in the open, Darling Sammy heaves a tremendously weary sigh at his brother's abject stupidity, and makes to trudge out onto The Emporium's lawn for a think. Dean immediately shoots his recalcitrant giant of a brother a supremely suspicious side-eye, and the next thing we know, we've...

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