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The Hardy Boys Get Déjà Vu All Over Again

Dean raises his shotgun, and Meg says, "It's okay. I'm not a demon." Dean says, "You're the girl the demon possessed." Meg Masters is her name, and she says it's nice to talk to Dean when she's not choking on her own blood. She reassures him that it's okay, again, which totally means it isn't in a horror show. She goes on to say she was just a college girl when the demon jumped her and took her over. She explains she was a prisoner in her own mind, awake for all the murders the demon committed while wearing her skin. When Dean says he's sorry, she's doesn't believe him. Was he so sorry that he had her thrown out of a building? Defenestration for the win! When Dean starts to explain what they thought she yells, "No you didn't think. I kept waiting. Praying. I was trapped in there, screaming at you. Just help me, please. You're supposed to help people, Dean. Why didn't you help me?" Great way to go right for his self-esteem issues, Meg. Brava, but I'm not sure you can beat up on Dean any more than he beats up on himself. He's had a lifetime of practice. When he apologizes again, she bitch slaps him to the ground and tells him to stop saying that. She kicks him one way, and kicks his gun the other. When he says they didn't know, Meg implies that's the problem -- they just attack, with no thought for the girl imprisoned in her own body. "You think you're some kind of hero?" Oh Meg, what did I just tell you? Dean, of course, says, "No. I don't." She tries to play it off like she meant to do that, meant to go there, and says he's damn right, but Dean just won that round in the Dump All Over Dean Contest. Nobody does it better. Makes me feel sad for the rest. She grabs his shirt and he notices the same sort of brand on her hand that Sam saw on Henrickson's. Do you think it's some sort of clue? Do ya? Do ya? Based on her next attempt, I'm going to guess she hasn't been reading the Afterlife Daily's Winchester Brothers gossip column. "Do you have any idea what it's like to be ridden for months by pure evil, while your family has no idea what happened to you?" Does Dean say, "Let me tell you about my summer vacation?" No. That would involve cutting himself some slack. He simply says they did the best they could. This enrages Meg, who pushes Dean all the way back down on the floor, rises, and kicks him while letting out a ferocious scream.

Meanwhile, the Shining Twins are working our dear Mr. Singer. They tell him they were scared, when the monster came for them, and grabbed them so tight they couldn't scream, and that Bobby was right there in the house -- so close -- but nobody saved them. Sam walks back by the wreck that's become Bobby's own Overlook Hotel on wheels, and notices he can see his breath. Now that he's no longer stupid, he puts two and two together, and realizes Bobby and his personal haunts must be close. The Shining Twins continue their psychological torture, because they're not allowed to kill Bobby, he's important to the series. Sam frantically pries open trunks in his search, and hears something...

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