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The Hardy Boys Get Déjà Vu All Over Again

Meg is still haranguing Dean. It's not only his fault she died. Meg had a sister and after Meg disappeared, the little sister was just lost. I know foreshadowing when I smell it, and I know an anvillicious parallel when it hits me on the head. Sam hasn't been the same since Dean died, either, and things aren't all that better now that he's back, only Dean doesn't know, because Sam is so secretive you can't get the time of day out of him. Seeing Meg's beaten, broken body in the morgue led the little sister to suicide. Dean speaks her name, but Meg gets off another kick, and tells Dean it's his fault because all he was thinking about was his own family, revenge, and demons. Well, it does occupy a person's mind. "Fifty words of Latin a little sooner and I'd still be alive. My baby sister would still be alive. That blood is on your hands, Dean." Dean reaches out toward her. "You're right." She kicks him again and...

Sam's still looking for Bobby. He catches sight of something in the Overlook's sideview mirror, and realizes he's found him. He yells out for Bobby to hold on, and climbs up to save him. One of the Shining Twins throws him down onto another car, and his gargantuan frame shatters the windshield. She comes for Sam, ready to rip out his heart like Jed and Olivia before him, but luckily Sam still has the tire iron, made of actual iron, in his hand. He swipes at her and she poofs. Bye bye Thing One. Thing Two goes to face Sam, and Bobby cuts through the back of her with another tire iron, crow bar, or something similar made of iron, which is the important part. He and Sam stare at one another in horror, as Bobby pants to catch his breath.

Dean, still on the floor, struggles to put some distance between himself and Meg. He pulls out a handgun and aims it, but Meg says, "Come on, Dean. Did your brain get French Fried in Hell?" Oh, I guess she did know. Well then, she's dumber than I thought when she's not possessed. She tells him he can't shoot her with bullets. But Dean isn't shooting her and says so, takes aim at the chandelier hanging over her head, and it drops on her, dusting her like she's a vampire on Buffy. He groans, "Iron," then lies back down and groans some more.

Sam, Dean and Bobby discuss that the ghosts are all people they know and couldn't save. Dean mentions the brand on Meg's hand and Sam says he saw the same thing on Henrickson. He sketches it. Dean says that's it and Bobby thinks he's seen it before, which is pretty good, considering Sam's infamous art skillz. Bobby hands Sam some books, says they have to move it and to follow him. When Sam asks where they're going, Bobby says, "Someplace safe, you edjit. Bobby leads them down cellar to a cast iron encased panic room. The walls are completely coated with salt, but we'll handwave away salt's corrosive properties, and echo Dean. "Bobby, you're awesome." Dean catches his breath for a moment as he spots a poster of the lovely Bo Derek, from her role in the film, 10, which is totally different from the film, Se7en. I don't even think anyone yells, "What's in the box," right Dean? "Right."

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