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The Hardy Boys Get Déjà Vu All Over Again

In the kitchen, Dean searches the silverware drawer and the door between the kitchen and library slams shut. Bobby calls out to him, but Dean shouts back that he's alright and to keep working. Dean finds what he's looking for, just as Henrickson finds him. "Victor." "Dean." Dean gulps, swallows hard, and says he knows. When Henrickson says he doesn't know, Dean says, "It's my fault your dead. I left you behind. The minute I heard about that explosion I thought I should have known. I should have protected you." He tries to grab the cast iron frying pan all stealthy-like, but Henrickson uses some mad ghost power to fling it across the room, out of reach. He wants Dean to know they didn't all die in a beautiful blast of white light. For over 45 minutes, Lilith had Lilith-style 'fun' with them. "The secretary was first. Remember her? Nancy? The virgin? Lilith flayed Nancy's skin off piece by piece," or possibly filleted, but flayed makes more sense, doesn't it? They all had to watch. Victor is so angry. He reaches right into Dean's body and before he rips out his heart, he demands to know how it's fair that Dean gets saved from Hell, gets another chance, but he doesn't. Dean struggles against the pain of having a huge human, if ghostly, fist through his side. Victor turns his head to find himself face to face with Sam's rifle/shotgun/shootystick, and BOOM, bye bye Victor. Dean falls to the floor in agony, and Sam drops to his knees to see if he's alright. Dean says, "No," so Sam helps him to his feet and they return to the...

...library. Ronald shows up again, and Dean tells him he thought they were pals. Ron says, "That's when I was breathing. Now I'm going to eat you alive," and the psychotic look on is face sends shivers down my spine so I close my eyes and say, "It's only Vincent," over and over again until I can continue. Then I go upstairs and check on my sleeping husband. Then I go to the kitchen for a drink of water. Then I go back out to the kitchen looking for a piece of hard candy. That's how scary Ron was. I remember in the first season, when this show used to scare me as a matter of course. It's been a long time since I've felt that way. Good Welcome back. Dean shines his best wise-ass grin at Ron and says, "Well, ha, I'm not a cheeseburger." Although there have undoubtedly been some comparisons to meat made in the fandom, they probably weren't talking cheeseburgers, either. Dean takes aim and...

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