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The Hardy Boys Get Déjà Vu All Over Again

Ron's not there. Bobby starts Latinating. Perhaps he's incanting in some other language; it sounds too guttural to be Latin. I wonder if it could be Hebrew or Aramaic. The windows and shutters fly open. Books fall. The pages in Bobby's spell book blow. The salt line starts to blow away. Bobby soldiers on. Meg appears. Sam takes her out with one shot. BOOM. Next up is Henrickson and ditto. BOOM. Meg reappears, and I think Dean gets her this time, but it's not clear. All that's clear is the BOOM! Next comes Ron. Big, bad Ron. Dean takes him out. BOOM. The boys are shooting left and right now. BOOM. Bobby only flinches once or twice. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. Shots fly. BOOM. Casings fall. BOOM. Salt blows. BOOM. Bobby incants. BOOM. The boys shoot. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM a hundred times BOOM. Henrickson appears and whisks Dean's gun away with his ghostly powers. Holy crap. That's so not fair. Dean tries his handgun. It's empty. He grabs a fireplace poker and - swwwwwp - Victor's gone again. Sam shoots Ron. He needs to reload. Meg shows up and uses her ghostly powers to slide a desk at Sam, trapping him against the wall. Dean shouts his name, but Sam tells him to cover Bobby, which is really smart -- you know, like these boys both must actually be to have stayed alive even this long (if you don't count the first death for either of them, that is).

As Dean covers Bobby, the Shining Twins appear atop the desk to glower at Sam. His face shows signs of struggle, but I can't decide if he's trying to summon some of his questionable powers, or is just in a lot of pain. To be frank, he's just making his constipated face. Meg appears behind Bobby and sticks her hand right in his back, just as he's holding the magical mixing bowl over his head. It starts to fall and he cries out to Dean who makes a spectacular dive and save. Bobby shouts, "Fireplace," so Dean dutifully empties the contents into the flames. There's a flash of greenish white light, and you can almost see what appears to be an X-ray image of Bobby, who howls in pain. When the light fades, the ghosts are all gone and Bobby falls to the floor. Sam and Dean each look to the other, and then Dean yells, "Bobby!" He crawls to him. Sam unpins himself from between the desk and wall, and goes to Bobby, also. The two boys help him up and although he's still in pain, it seems he'll live. Today. You know someday this show is going to kill off Bobby, because that's just how evil Kripke is. He'll never let Dean and Sam out of his METAL TEETH CHOMP!

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