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The Hardy Boys Get Déjà Vu All Over Again

Although Dean, Bobby and Sam put those victims back to rest, it doesn't matter -- the seal was broken. Castiel explains that the seals are like locks on a door. When the last one is opened, Lucifer will walk free. Dean says, "Lucifer? I thought Lucifer was just a story they told at Demon Sunday School. There's no such thing." Castiel says, "Three days ago, you thought there was no such thing as me. Why do you think we're here, walking among you now, for the first time in 2000 years?" Dean whispers, "To stop Lucifer." When Castiel confirms this, Dean gets all pissy again. "Well, bang up job so far. Stellar work with the witnesses. Nice." Castiel says they tried -- that there are other battles and seals -- some they'll win; some they'll lose. This one they lost. When Dean scoffs at him, Castiel draws even more near. "Our numbers are not unlimited. Six of my brothers died in the field this week." I've been sitting here wondering how an angel dies for longer than I care to admit, because it just makes no sense, so let's pretend I've made a funny comment and move forward. "You think the armies of heaven should just follow you around? There's a bigger picture, here." He pauses, and then in an oh-so-measured and menacing tone says, "You should show me some respect. I dragged you out of Hell. I can throw you back in." The people in the forums bicker whether this is blackmail or just a kick-ass threat. The people in my head tell me to finish this frigging recap of this wonderful episode, so I can get some sleep. Dean looks sore afraid. And he totally should. As this is sinking in, Dean is left standing in Bobby's kitchen, looking left and right.

He wakes with a start, still on the floor, and looks out to the kitchen again. Sam's walking in with a cup of coffee, and Dean realizes it was just a dream, but when dealing with an angel, that doesn't mean it wasn't real at the same time. Sam can tell he's upset, and asks him what's wrong. Dean squints like he's trying not to cry. "So, you got no problem believing in God and angels?" Sam says, "No, not really." Dean's got a follow-up. "So, I guess that means you believe in the devil? Sam says, "Why are you asking me all this," but Dean just shakes his head and stares off, trying to take it all in, because Sam and Dean wouldn't be Sam and Dean if they kept one another abreast of pertinent information. Fade to black.

Demian is the real Supernatural recapper. Raoul is his imaginary gay dragon on the Internet, and apparently Cindy is Raoul's nemesis, or scapegoat, or something. She's also substituting for Demian until he gets himself back in Sam Winchester Shoulder shape, and normally weecaps How I Met Your Mother. You can e-mail her at CynthiaMcLennan[at], even if it's to tell her how much you miss Demian. She agrees, completely and feels a bit like Raoul must have while facing the scourge of dragonkind (i.e. little girls), at the thought of submitting this recap for publication. Our Senior Editor's a real Angel, which could be comforting or scary, depending on your perspective.

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