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The Hardy Boys Get Déjà Vu All Over Again

Morning at Bobby's: Birds chirp in the background; Bobby reads; and the episode title card appears, "Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester." Huh. From the tone of the conversation, it sounds to me like Sam's the one getting his period. "Well then tell me what else it could have been?" They're out in the kitchen. Dean says, "Look, all I know is I was not...groped by an angel." Dean look, I know it must be disappointing, because he is terribly handsome, but I think you should watch your mouth. Have you already forgotten the shadow of those fierce wings? Sam wants to know why Dean thinks Castiel would be lying about being an angel. Dean petulantly points out Castiel could be a demon, because demons lie. Well geez, why haven't they mentioned that on this show, before? Verbally, Sam tries to smack some sense into him. "A demon who's immune to salt rounds, and devil's traps, and Ruby's knife? Dean, Lilith is scared of that thing."

Dean refuses to see the truth. "Look, if angels were real, don't you think that some hunter, somewhere, would have seen one, at some point? Ever?" Are our intrepid heroes synchronizing? Sammy's puts on his smarmy face as he tells Dean that he's the hunter who just did see one. Dean argues that he's trying to come up with a theory with a little less fairy dust on it. There are more thumps, and what sounds like a kitten with laryngitis outside my window. This is starting to creep me out.

Sam tries again to talk sense to Dean. Granted, they can't be sure Castiel is a demon...Dean cuts him off. That's exactly his point; they don't know for sure. Oh my word are these two ever going to stop arguing? Not forever, then there'd be no show, but in this scene? Dean booms that he's not going to believe this 'thing' is an angel of the Lord just because it says so, and Bobby comes to my rescue. "You two chuckleheads want to keep arguing religion or you want to come take a look at this?" Oh Bobby, don't. It doesn't take much to set off the people in the forums. Castiel blinded Show Barnes, not TWoP Barnes. Sam and Dean look away from each other in disgust and mope their way over to Bobby. Dean must be wearing lifts, because although Jensen Ackles is a tall man himself, he's usually dwarfed by the Ginormatron when they share a shot, yet he isn't in this one. Bobby cuts to the chase. "I got stacks of lore: Biblical, pre-Biblical; some of it's in damn cuneiform. It all says an angel can snatch a soul from the pit."

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