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The Hardy Boys Get Déjà Vu All Over Again

Sam's hair looks better this week. NuRuby's looks much worse. Maybe they are sleeping together and her hair absorbed the four months worth of grease he was sporting last week. Come to think of it, Metallicar looked dirty in that last shot. Is there some water shortage in Vancouver we should know about, Kripke? The parking lot is dusty, too. Ruby wants to know if it's true. Not the water shortage thing. She says, "Did an angel rescue Dean?" Sam's surprised that she's heard, but she implies everyone has. Sam says they're not sure but they think so. You can see the knot she's feeling in the stomach of the innocent victim she's possessed most likely until the point of death, but she's a nice demon. Right. Where was I? "Okay. Bye Sam." She starts walking away, but Sam stops her. College boy doesn't understand why a demon might be afeared of an angel of the Lord. Ruby spells it out for him. Slowly. They'll smite demons first and ask questions later. Go angels (but not Angels). You know, the people in the forums that Demian refers to as, how you say -- Dean Girls -- are always "discussing" how the show makes Dean look dumb in comparison to Sam. Not this week, ladies. I'm pretty sure Dean can walk and chew pie at the same time, whereas Sam is unaware that angels and demons might not be on the best of terms. He asks Ruby what she knows about them, but it isn't much. She's never met one, doesn't want to and simply knows they scare the holy Hell out of her. She tells him to watch himself, but he quickly - a little too quickly - says he's not scared of angels. Ruby flounces off, leaving Sam with a look on his face that just screams he's forgotten all about pie. Sexual or not, our beautiful, broad-shouldered boy needs to put an end to his Ruby rendezvous and get back on track.

Bobby is handing Dean a duffel bag to throw in the trunk of an old beater box, as Sam and Metallicar return. Bobby tells Sam to keep the engine running. He explains he's been trying to reach his friend Olivia Lowry for days and it's unlike her to ignore his calls. Sam recognizes her name -- she's a hunter. They're going to the next unidentified state over to check up on her. Dean tells Sam to scoot over and they're off to follow Bobby to Olivia's. Sam hands Dean the bag from the store, and Dean looks happier than he has since he escaped the abyss. Unfortunately, that happiness is short-lived. "Dude? Where's the pie? Mercifully, this scene is short-lived, too. There's been a lot of good information in this episode, but it's been ridiculously short on action and excitement so far. There's that thump again. And the same cry. "Where's the oar?" What? Oh. Wait. Can it be? I think I know what's going on here, excuse me a moment.

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