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The Hardy Boys Get Déjà Vu All Over Again

Raoul? Raoul? Is that you? Raoul Tristan DelMarvino? Raoul? Don't make me call you again, Ralph Marvin. "Well I will not, I am sure. Good evening, madam. Have we met? I don't recall having had the..." Can it, Raoul. I'm Cindy, I'm a new recapper at TWoP, but I've been following you and Demian for a long time. "Well, it is a fantastic 'coincidence' you should mention that, because I've been following Demian and myself, which is no mean feat, for a long time too, this is my fourth year in fact, and isn't it just ridiculously 'convenient' that you're sitting here in Boston with your tea and your husband, recapping while my poor, dear, darling Demian is home in Chicago with a broken wing." Demian has wings? Like Castiel, or... "I was being poetic, The poor dear boy has broken his Sam Winchester." Raoul, speak plainly or I will call you Ralph for the rest of your flame-breathed days. "There's no need to be you are...I'm sure. A-hem. Demian's shoulder is broken as you must have heard, and may I just say, J'accuse! Clearly, weecapping your little...sitcom (although I have to admit Neil Patrick Harris is fabulous) isn't enough and you have disabled poor Demian so that you can usurp him." Raoul, I was terribly sorry to hear about Demian's accident, and when he asked me to help him out while he recovers, I was happy to be able to, but I haven't been 20 miles from here in weeks, never mind to Chicago. Besides, Demian told me he tripped going up the stairs. "Er...uhm...yes. That's the story, isn't it? Right. Tripping upstairs. What else did he tell you?" That was pretty much it, Raoul. Was there more to tell? "Why ever would you ask such a question of me?" Oh, sheesh. Look, I'm only hours away from deadline, and there's lots of show left. Would you like to watch it with me? "Maybe for a while. I just flew in from Chicago. And boy, are my wings tired." Oh, dear. Moving right along...

At Olivia's Bobby and the boys find her corpse. There's never a tight shot of the body, but it looks like her heart was ripped right from her chest. "Sniff. What would it have hurt to show a close up? It's like that dreadful little Kripkeeper doesn't even care." Bobby goes right back outside, while Sam and Dean check out the damage and give Raoul a little peek at the carnage. "Eeeeee!" They see the salt line and the still open weapons cache. Dean finds her EMF. Sam the genius says, "Spirit activity," with such a puss face that I'm surprised all the kitties in the neighborhood haven't come to sniff him out. Bobby returns. He's shaken. "I called some hunters nearby - 'cept they ain't answering their phones, either." The educated brother says, "Something's up, huh?" Bobby's had it with Sam and his out of character stupidity too, and says with some level of disgust, "You think?"

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