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The Hardy Boys Get Déjà Vu All Over Again

Nighttime: Sam and Dean exit Jed's house as Dean tells Bobby over the phone that Jed looks even worse than Olivia. Bobby's checked on Carl Bates and R.C. Adams, and they've red. Dean asks Bobby why a bunch of ghosts would be killing hunters. Bobby doesn't know, but they'd better get themselves to his place right away, until they find out. Metallicar pulls into a Gas & Save. Sam exits the driver's seat (!!!) and gives Baby a good long drink. Something's lurking in the shadows, watching him, and although Sam senses it, he doesn't see it. He heads for the loo as Baby drinks her fill and Dean sleeps in the front seat, unaware of the Creepy Music of Imminent Doom or At Least Terrific Suspense. At least it's not coming from an iPod docked in Baby. While washing his hands in a sink so filthy it seems counterintuitive, Sam notices his breath is frosty. He exhales again and the mirror becomes encrusted with frost. He wipes across it with his ginormous hand, but instead of himself, he sees Agent Victor Henrickson staring back. Oh my, Sam is now a slightly less large, but still sizable, African American FBI Agent. Nothing but proper ethnic identifiers from the substitute recapper, you betcha. Wait. Sam didn't turn into Henrickson, he's being stalked by Henrickson's ghost, because he's a hunter and that's this week's theme. Ghost!Henrickson says, "Hi Sam, it's been a while." In a black and white flash back, Living!Henrickson says, "Hi guys, it's been a while," and we see a guard about to scream, Living!Henrickson pointing a gun. Living!Henrickson laughing. Living!Henrickson shooting. Living!Henrickson saying, "So how do we survive?" Back in living color, Sam says, "Henrickson, are you...did you..." and being an impatient ghost, Ghost!Henrickson starts to flicker off and on or whatever that thing is ghosts do, and answers Sam's question before it's been properly asked. "I didn't survive, if that's what you're asking." Sam winces. "I'm sorry." Henrickson says he knows he is. Sam says, "Look, if we had known Lilith was coming..." Henrickson cuts him off. "You wouldn't have left half a dozen innocent people in that police station to die in your place? You did this to me. It was your fault. She was after you and I paid the price. You left us there to DIE!" He throws Sammy across the bathroom, which can't be easy. In their struggle, Sam notices a brand on the back of Henrickson's hand at the base of his thumb. In the scuffle, the mirror gets smashed. What does seven years of bad luck even look like for a Winchester? Seriously Sam, I wouldn't sweat it. Henrickson repeatedly bashes Sam's head against the dirty bathroom sink. Luckily he didn't have anything worthwhile in there, today. Sam's on the floor with Henrickson looming over him, when a blast sounds, light flashes and Henrickson poofs away, as Dean enters the bathroom with a shotgun (or whatever kind of gun. I don't know. I'm a liberal).

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