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The Hardy Boys Get Déjà Vu All Over Again

At Bobby's the electric candle sconces over his mantle start flickering. Bobby's breath comes out all white too, and we hear the eerie sound of little girls giggling. Wait, there's my phone. Hello? "See? They're so terrifying they fill Bobby with dread, and you threatened me with one! Expect a bill from my therapist, I'm sure!" Um...okay, Raoul. Bye bye. I'm sorry about that. I don't know what to do with him. Bobby picks up an iron poker from among his fireplace tools on the hearth, and searches for the source of the giggles and whispers. His radio goes haywire. He walks into the next room and approaches the staircase. Straight out of a scene from The Shining, a ball bounces down the steps, and Bobby turns to find two little disheveled girls, in stained, dingy party dresses, staring at him like he just broke their pony.

Metallicar races down the dark road. Inside her, Dean tries to call Bobby, but he's not picking up. Addressing Sam, he says, "How you feeling? How many fingers am I holding up?" without actually holding up any fingers. Heh. "None. I'll be fine, Dean." Dean says, "Henrickson? Why? What did he want?" "Revenge, because we got him killed." Dean tells Sam to stop right there. "Whatever's going on is going on with us, right now. I can't get a hold of Bobby, so if you can't think of answers, don't think at all." I am so using that line on my kids. And possibly my husband. It's daylight now, and Metallicar arrives at Casa de Singer. Sam and Dean enter the house, and Dean whisper-shouts Bobby's name? Both boys are armed with shotguns (or whatever) and they search the place. Dean snaps to draw Sam's attention to the iron fireplace poker, which is now lying on the floor, I think near the staircase, but it's hard to tell. Deciding Sam's been the dummy for too long in this episode, Dean says, "I'll go, you check outside," because things always work out so well for these boys when they split up. Don't be too dumb to live Dean. Again. I'll make you a nice pie. What do you like? Apple? Cherry? Chocolate Cream? He's not listening to me. Winchesters! Sam walks off as Dean climbs the stairs.

Outside, Sam walks through rows of wrecks, shouting Bobby's name. He walks right past the wreck (which is up on a lift, or atop another wreck or something) containing Bobby and the Shining Twins. One of them has her little hand over Bobby's mouth and he is terrified. My phone rings, but I check the caller I.D. this time, and let it go. I'm going to have to change my number, aren't I? Inside, Dean walks through an upstairs hallway, and let me tell you, this is quite the house. He's in front of the beautiful stained glass windows. He calls out for Bobby and two doors slam shut, while a third opens. Gun at the ready, Dean says, "Come out, come out, whoever you are," and his breath is like smoke. He straightens up as a figure fades in behind him. It's Meg, whom we knew to expect from the THEN clips which completely threw off my recapping timetable. Her hair is about shoulder length now and back to a more natural color, which makes no sense, because she still had the short blonde hair when she died. And don't give me that 'hair and nails grow after death' crap. I Snopesed my own aunt on a political (lying!) e-mail she sent me this week, so I'll certainly Snopes you. "Dean Winchester, still so bossy." Oh oh, Meg. You just lost every Dean-Girl who once thought you were the only one (or one of two, if we count Ellen) female characters to share a screen with Dean who didn't deserve a grisly death, or in your case, the grisly death you got. "You don't recognize me?" Dean has a black and white (well actually, sort of blue) memory of Meg in all her short-haired glory. Ghost!Meg says, "This is what I looked like before that demon cut off my hair and dressed me like a slut." I'm not buying it, Kripke. Everyone else has their death clothes on, and Meg's shirt is dirty, too. Dean remembers more clips of Meg including the ones covered in the THEN, so please don't make me type them again. He finally says, "Meg?" She smiles. "Hi" and we go to commercial which gives me a moment to complain. They did this back-asswards. Henrickson was more significant to Dean and Meg was more significant to Sam. The confrontations should have been in the opposite order. Oh my, look at the time. Complaint over.

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