As Time Goes By

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Broken Family Tree
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THEN! Oh, boy. This is a long one. But, unlike last week's, it's actually kind of important because it seems like the show is trying to adapt past events for a new storyline. We start with Dean reminding Sam (and us) that their dad wanted them to continue on in the "family business" of saving people and hunting monsters. "We have to carry out his legacy," Dean insists. The Jeffrey Dean Morgan version of John Winchester screams in horror at the very idea. The Matt Cohen version says, "It's a bloodline. It's in your blood, your father's blood, your family's blood." Keep in mind that he's speaking of that whole Michael vs. Lucifer debacle a few seasons back. On one of his trips back to the past, Dean tells his young mom that she and John are "meant to be." Heaven even sicced Cupid on the young couple to make sure they hooked up. "The orders were very clear; you and Sam needed to be born," Cupid says to Dean. Again, keep in mind that this, too, is referring to the Michael vs. Lucifer hoedown showdown. To guide them on their path, Sam and Dean had their father's old journal, full of supernatural information and dressing tips for the man who wants to wear five or more shirts at once. Also, remember when Sam had bangs? Cute. Sam and Dean killed a lot of evil monsters, ghosts and demons. "How many people do you think Dad saved?" Sam asks. "That's his legacy, so we gotta keep going." LEGACY, LEGACY, LEGACY. I have a feeling it's going to be the season's buzzword.

NOW! The episode begins, as many of them do, on a dark and stormy night. This time it's a dark and stormy night in Normal, Illinois, in 1958. We find ourselves in a boy's bedroom, chock full of toy pistols and robots and sports paraphernalia. Ominous music plays as we watch the boy sleep, for we are not the only ones. A man in a long coat stands in the shadows, hands in his pockets. He sits on the edge of the boy's bed. Is he going to drip demon blood into his mouth? Abscond with the boy to Hell? The boy's eyes open. "Hey, Sport, sorry about that," the man says. "Where are you going?" the boy asks. "Work," the man says. "Just wanted to check on you before I left." The ominous music and shadowy lurking were a bit of misdirection, because the man is the boy's father. Now that we have a better look at the man's face, he looks to be not very far out of his twenties. "What's that, Pops?" the boy asks, pointing to his dad's tiepin. The symbol on it is a unicursal hexagram. The man touches the pin and promises to tell his son all about it one day. He picks up a music box, winds it and places it on the boy's nightstand. A tinny, slightly creepy version of "As Time Goes By" begins to play as the man bids his son goodnight.

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