Bad Boys

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The Hardy Boys' Home For Hard-Luck Boys
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THEN! Dean Winchester has always been about saving his little brother. The show reminds of this just in case we forgot it at some point in the last 8.5 years of constant reminders. They start with John Winchester placing baby Sam into preschool Dean's arms and exhorting him to take his brother to safety, back on that fateful night when Yellow Eyes killed their mama. Flash forward a few years to John reminding preteen Dean that the most important thing he can do is watch out for his little brother. He cooked canned food for his little brother while their father was out hunting monsters and neglecting his children. He brought Sammy junk food when their father failed to show up on Christmas. Dean continued to risk everything -- from himself to the fate of the whole world -- to save his little brother. He even played fast and loose with the definition of "consent" when he helped trick Sam into letting the angel Ezekiel hole up in his injured bod.

NOW! Two boys run through the misty woods as if something monstrous were hot on their trail. The chubbier of the two trips and falls. His skinny friend hesitates, then goes back to help him. "Hurry, he's right behind us!" he pants. Ominous music plays. The show helpfully lets us know that this is Hurleyville, New York. The boys run past a farmhouse and into a barn. A few moments later, their dreaded pursuer catches up to him. The camera swivels around to reveal...

...a small boy! Eek! He looks like what would happen if Elliott from E.T. and that Amish kid from Witness somehow got melded into one person. He's not even breathing hard from chasing after these much bigger, stronger-looking kids. "Come on, guys," he calls out. "The barn is a no-fly zone during hide-and-go-seek!" Only silence answers him. The barn's only inhabitant appears to be an old tractor.

From somewhere outside the barn, a man fusses at them for being up past their bedtime. The little boy runs off to hide just as an older gentleman comes into the barn. "All right, game's over," he says. "Lights out was 10 minutes ago!" He points a flashlight here and there, but sees no sign of the kids. "Bastards," he mutters. To his surprise, the air grows suddenly icy. He shivers and exhales in frosty bursts. "You got to the count of ten, and you better come out or the belt's coming off!" His flashlight flickers as he begins his countdown. The old tractor comes to life in front of him. With nobody at the controls, the gears shift and the hay spears come down. As the tractor rolls toward him, the old man slips and falls. He gets back up again just in time to get speared right through the gut. Blood drips from the hay spears, the spatters audible in the otherwise silent night. Supernatural has wings!

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