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The Hardy Boys Have A Furry Fetish
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Rattle, Rattle THEN! Long story short, Dashing El Deano traded his life for that of his impossibly tall younger brother's, The Openly Demonic Hate Blonde might be able to get him out of that deal, and Gordon Walker was crazy, even more so after Our Intrepid Heroes got his psychotic ass slung into an Indiana jail. Are we all caught up? Excellent. Moving along!

Silence, Silence NOW! The disappointingly silent NOW! creeps forward on the screen until it's obliterated by an abrupt cross-fade to a length of concertina wire stretched across the chain-link fence that surrounds a rather penal-intensive collection of buildings. Somewhere deep inside, The Guy Who Unfortunately Shot Brandon Lee passes through security and eventually finds himself staring through a sheet of bulletproof glass in the visitors' area at a bald-headed gentleman of color we all know is Gordon "Whackjob" Walker even though we can't see his face, because they just devoted a full third of the THEN! to that particular nutbag's backstory. The Guy Who Unfortunately Shot Brandon Lee picks up the telephone receiver and confirms the Devil's Gate-related details of last season's finale for the lengthily incarcerated whackjob's benefit, and gossips that he knows a guy who knows a guy who knows Bobby, and that Bobby admitted he was "at Ground Zero" with Our Intrepid Heroes at the time, but stressed that they were there to prevent the entire disaster from occurring. Whackjob Gordon -- who still has Capital-I Issues with Our Dear Boys, The Ginormotron in particular -- scoffs at this fourth-hand version of events, insisting, "Bobby's edge ain't what it used to be. Sam could have him believing anything by now." "Listen," The Guy Who Unfortunately Shot Brandon Lee counters, "as far as talk goes? Sam Winchester checks out. He's a hunter, that's all." The rabid Sambitches on the forum boards would beg to differ, Guy Who Unfortunately Shot Brandon Lee: Darling Sammy's a hunter -- and so much more! Sigh. So anyway, Whackjob Gordon crazily titters at this before granting The Guy Who Unfortunately Shot Brandon Lee his actual character name for the evening when he asserts, "Kubrick, I'm not even sure he's human." Whackjob Gordon then crazies some long-out-of-date exposition regarding Darling Sammy's role in the impending demonic war before letting his eyes go dead as he states, "Sam Winchester must die!" Muah ha ha ha METAL TEETH CHOMP!

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