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The Hardy Boys Have A Furry Fetish

...this bad: Creedy's favorite restaurant? Biggerson's Sizzlin' Grill & Bar. And what has Biggerson's staggeringly efficient IT department already uploaded to the Black Rock location's website? That picture of Sam and Dean snapped mere minutes ago, of course! Creedy goggles in disbelief -- the heathen! -- while Krazy Kubrick offers up a silent bit of praise to Jeebus as we get pimp-slapped into a commercial break most woefully lacking in the METAL TEETH CHOMP! department. Stupid show.

Chez Dipshit, for there is only one left. As Mary Ford croons "Vaya Con Dios," Grossman mournfully stares at a picture of himself and Wayne in happier times while slugging back mouthfuls of tequila, and I'd interpret this all as proof of their domestic partnership status were their apartment not such a fucking pit, because that "Cleanliness Is Next To Sodomy" stereotype is one I'd like to keep, thanks. Sam and Dean of course barge in uninvited to pepper The Late Wayne's grieving close personal friend with questions regarding the badly bewigged waitress, whom they've correctly identified as the woman who hired Duo Dipshit to break into their worthless bastard of a so-called father's storage unit in the first place. Grossman protests, and when Sam steps forward with a counterargument, he of course inadvertently knots his feet up in a power cord on the floor and crashes over to one side, taking a lamp and part of a bookcase with him. Dean, his menacing fa├žade shattered by the fall of the tremendous dork now flopping around on the carpet behind him, takes a moment to eyebrow, "Sam, you okay?" "Yeah, I'm good!" Sam perks, still flailing. Hee. Dean returns his attentions to Grossman and, long story short, guilts him into giving up the woman's name by delivering the following little heartfelt speech as the camera slowly tracks in on his abnormally photogenic face: "If you don't help us stop [the mangy fetish], then that puts all [its associated] deaths on your head. Now, I can read people, and I get it: You're a thief and a scumbag -- that's fine. But you're not a killer. Are you?" Grossman, on the verge of tears, folds.

Magic Eyes Jesus RV Park And Grill. The bumper stickers on Krazy Kubrick's RV, by the way, read "Bethlehem or Bust," "How Would Jesus Drive?" and "Don't Make Me Come Down There! --God." As, you know, befits his certainty that a higher power is now guiding him in his quest to slaughter Darling Sammy. And...are we done here? "Absolutely!" Excellent. Next!

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