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Let me start by saying that this episode has some things working in its favor. For one thing, it gets rid of the pointless "THEN" intro and just gets right into the story. For another, it has less exposition than we've seen in many, many past episodes. We don't have to slog through multiple scenes of the Winchesters sitting around and just reading things to each other. Nor or are there endless pouts of brotherly recrimination and repeated declarations of hurt feelings. It's just that it shouldn't take excising Sam and Dean almost entirely from the story to accomplish this.

The episode starts with a clear indication that something is terribly, horribly wrong: new music is playing. Also, copious amounts of blood paint every surface in the house in which we find ourselves. Blood streaks the walls, spatters the sofa and decoupages the end tables like a Martha Stewart craft project gone hideously awry. Moist, red chunks of what used to be a person lie on the floor, identifiable as such only by the fact that one of the chunks is still wearing a shoe. Another body lies nearby with a sheet draped over it. By the completeness of the shape, this body seems largely intact.

As the camera continues its slow pan across the carnage, the front door swings violently inward, having been kicked open by Sam's enormous, boot-clad foot. He and Dean charge inside, guns at the ready. Sam toes the sheet-covered body just to make sure it's dead for real while Dean zips upstairs for a quick check. Once he's certain nobody else is in the house, his first order of business is to turn off the music. Take that, Milo Greene. Sam peeks under the sheet. "No clue on this one and no idea who is painted on the walls." Dean sighs. "Well, whatever happened, it looks like we missed it." They glance around the room in frustration, then notice an open laptop on the desk. There's a sticky note on the screen: "Play me." Not ones for ignoring sticky notes, the Winchesters do as they've been told. "This should have never ended this way," say the words on the screen. At first, I was miffed at the awkward phrasing, but by the end it's clear the person writing the message was perhaps not in a writing state of mind. The words explode in flames, giving way to the title card.

When we rejoin the Winchesters, they're glued to the screen. It's blank. The same song from the intro is playing. "Hey, Christopher Nolan -- lens cap," a man's voice says from the screen. Our forgetful auteur removes the lens cap and turns the camera on himself to catch his sheepish green. He's a young guy, with dark hair and a slight build. He turns the camera on his friend, who is sandy of hair and bulging of biceps. They're sitting at a table in a coffee shop. "Dude, I have no idea what to make this movie about," says the would-be filmmaker. "I'm, like, the A/V club president so it's gotta be... good." His brawny friend takes the camera and starts narrating the trailer for their imaginary movie. "In a world where nothing is what it seems, one brave, shockingly handsome, virile young man and his faithful, learning-disabled, robotic manservant..." He turns the camera on his nerdy friend. "...must battle through waves of cybernetic asshats..." He focuses on a nearby table where three male students sit. " order to sexually liberate the women of..." He starts to film a table of female students, but Nerdy Friend takes the camera back. Brawny Friend encourages Nerdy Friend to make a try for one of the ladies, but Nerdy Friend is a judgmental little dweeb who deems most of the girls not quite good enough. Then he sees a girl with short blond hair who sets his heart all aflutter. She looks up, sees him filming and frowns.

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