Blood Brother

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The Old Man and the Sea
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After last week's almost Winchester-free episode, are you ready for a whole lot of Sam and Dean? Are you? Well, too bad. We don't get much of them this week, either, at least not together, and unlike last week, this doesn't spare us from having to hear about their soul-crushing problems. We just hear it through surrogate characters this time because this show loves to beat us over the head with parallels. But first, let's slog through the thoroughly unnecessary previouslies.

THEN! Sam quit hunting so that he could take up with a dog and a crabby veterinarian named Amelia. After reuniting with Dean, Sam pined for the normal life he had for that year. Meanwhile, Dean spent his year in Purgatory, killing lots of monsters in the purity of the hunt. A new vampire friend named Benny helped him hunt and said he knew a way out of Purgatory. All Dean had to do was bring his soul through the escape hatch, and then give Benny a big bear hug once he got reincarnated. Unfortunately, Castiel didn't quite make it through with them, despite Dean's best intentions, although details about the whole thing are quite sketchy. Kevin Tran, the Lord's Littlest Prophet, took his mom and went on the lam after a spectacular failure to keep the Word of God from Crowley.

NOW! We start off in a shipyard in Eagle Harbor, Washington. It's dark and foggy and a bell can be heard tolling lonesomely in the distance. A man who looks like a young Thurston Howell walks along the pier, looking like he might become the hapless victim of a mugging or some other nefarious act of the sort that befalls overly well-dressed men in dark, foggy places. As he heads into some sort of warehouse, Benny the vampire walks up behind him. "Hello, Quentin," he says. Quentin turns towards the familiar voice. His eyes widen. "Benny?" It comes out as a whisper. Quentin looks like he's about to drop some bilge water in his trousers. "No... it can't be you." Benny saunters up to him with a smile. "I get the confusion," he says. "You of all people knew I was really, truly dead. After all, you held down my legs, didn't you, when the Old Man told Sorrento to saw off my head?" Quentin has nothing to say to that. Very quietly and very menacingly, Benny asks, "Where is he?" The audacity of such a question finally snaps Quentin out of his state of shock. He scoffs at the idea of telling Benny what he wants to know. Benny shows Quentin his super-sharp, head-chopping machete. Seems like a vampire would be wise to invest in some kind of protective neckwear to impede the beheading process. Something in a Kevlar ascot, perhaps, to match Quentin's yachting duds.

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