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The Hardy Boys Stifle Their Gag Reflexes

Sam's clearly disgusted by the scene he finds here in the farmhouse dining room, and even Dean's a little unnerved by the glee Evil Gordon displays while gouging yet another bloody trench in Lenore's forearm. Evil Gordon crazies something about Our Intrepid Duo joining in on the Guantanamo fun, but Sam's had it and steps bravely forward to free Lenore from the clutches of this sick twist. Gordon immediately holds a regular, non-Dead-Man's-"Blood"-encrusted knife up against Sam's chest. Dean, rapidly losing faith in his new hero, warily attempts to talk Gordon down a little bit, going so far as to make conspiratorially disapproving mention of the vampire who killed Gordon's sister, and Jesus Christ, here we go: The vampire didn't kill Gordon's sister; he turned her. And then? Gordon hunted them down and decapitated them both to death. With extreme prejudice. Oy. Amber Benson's all slumped in her chair, like, "You know, I think I've heard this one before." "You and me both!" shrieks The Big Gay Supernatural Dragon. "And I didn't even watch those crappy-ass shows!"

In any event, Evil Gordon finally pulls the extremely stupid tactical error we've all been waiting for when he attempts to prove that a vampire can't change her spots, or whatever, by slicing Sammy's forearm open with the knife and then using the blade to force him towards Lenore's side. Dean's immediately all, "Bros before batshit psychotic vampire-obsessed hos!" and whips an automatic out of the back of his pants that he aims directly at Evil Gordon's head. "Let him go, NOW!" Dean roars. Not happening. Evil Gordon's yanked Sam's slashed forearm over above Lenore's head, and he now squeezes to force a couple of drops of Sam's blood from the open wound to spatter wetly on Lenore's upturned face. She struggles against her natural urges for a moment, but eventually vamps out to hiss and strain upwards. Evil Gordon begins speechifying about the neverending whatever of yawn when Lenore suddenly pulls herself together and consciously devamps to collapse back into the chair and seethe, "No! NO!" Gordon's momentarily taken aback by this latest development, allowing Sammy the chance to wrest himself from Gordon's grasp and grit, "We're done here." With his brother's permission (and under that brother's protection), Sam lifts Lenore from the chair and backs out of the room with her limp form in his arms while Dean wags his gun around all, "Gordon? I think we got some things to talk about." Catfight!

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