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The Hardy Boys Stifle Their Gag Reflexes

"If you want those vampires, you gotta go through me," Dean warns. Evil Gordon glances at the enormous hunting knife in his hand, shrugs, sighs, and embeds the thing in the dining room table. Dean's all, "Uh, a fistfight? Um...okay," and stupidly -- oh, so very stupidly -- ejects the cartridge from his automatic, placing that in his jacket pocket before stupidly -- oh, so very stupidly -- dropping his gaze from Evil Gordon's to slide the disarmed gun back into his pants. Evil Gordon, of course, clocks him immediately. Dean flails back in defense, but Gordon just whirls around and retrieves that hunting knife from the table, and then it's a blur of manly tussling, with Dean eventually managing to slam Gordon up against the wall, where he pounds and pounds and pounds some more until Gordon's dropped the knife. Gordon recovers enough to boot Dean backwards through a coffee table in the next room, but Dean, from the floor, pulls one of those sweeping kicks that flattens Gordon onto the carpet before he flings the "sadistic bastard" through something that shatters (sorry, it's dark), eventually beating his would-be mentor into a stupor. Dean then twists Gordon into a headlock and accidentally-on-purpose rams the jackass's skull into the doorframe as he drags the worthless waste of space from the parlor back into the dining room. Kick ass. "Oh, sorry!" Dean grunts. Hee. Dean slings Gordon into a chair and straps him down with a length of rope while making with the quippy remarks that oh, so unfortunately get lost in the METAL TEETH CHOMP!

The following morning, Dean paces restlessly around the still-bound Gordon as Sam arrives back at the farmhouse, his forearm now swaddled in gauze. "I miss anything?" Sam eyebrows sardonically after getting a good look at the battered faces in the dining room. "Not much," Dean lightly shrugs before asking, "Lenore get out okay?" "Yeah, all of them did," Sam replies, pointedly scowling at Evil Gordon, who lifts his gaze to gift Sam with a baleful glare of his own. Dean informs Gordon that he and Sam will be waiting "two or three days" before calling on someone to head out to The Lair Of The Cow-Suckers to free the evil bastard, whom they're leaving tied to the chair for what I'm assuming are obvious reasons. "Ready to go, Dean?" Sam asks, tired. "Not yet," Dean replies, ambling back over to Gordon, whom he bids farewell with, "It's been real!" Dean then socks Evil Gordon so hard in the face that the latter crashes backwards with the chair to the floor. "Okay, I'm good now!" Dean perks. "We can go!" Sam gets this dizzy "That's our Dean!" smirk on his face before turning to follow his older brother out onto the porch.

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