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The Hardy Boys Stifle Their Gag Reflexes

And in a very cute moment, Dean stops as they're halfway across the front yard to say, "Sam, come on, clock me one." Sammy fully appreciates the gesture, but as Dean looks like he "just went twelve rounds with a block of cement," he'll take a raincheck, thank you very much. Dean pouts a little bit, then trails after Sam towards Metallicar while moping, "I wish we never took this job -- it just jacked everything up." "Everything" being, of course, the certainty drilled into him by his father from a very early age that everything they hunted deserved to die. Sam does his best to lighten his brother's mood by assuring him that -- what, that when it mattered, Dean did the right thing? Sam, I love you dearly, but you clearly suck as a counselor. You couldn't tell him that maybe perhaps it's not such a bad thing to have at the very least the potential to understand two or more sides of a given situation? Whatever. They banter a bit about what a pain in Dean's ass Sammy is, with Sam vowing to stick around for a while so he can continue being a pain in Dean's ass, and don't go there, no matter how much you want to go there, you filthy-minded bastards, and instead revel in the fifteen full seconds the camera now spends just lingering on Jensen Ackles's face as Dean takes a long moment to stare back over his shoulder at...yeah, all of that angst and torment in his past, but mainly at the vampire's farmhouse. Dean eventually slides behind the Impala's wheel, and Metallicar kicks up mighty amounts of gravel and dust as the boys head off down the farm's dirt road into the sunrise.

Next week: Zombies! Suck on that, Jericho!

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