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The Hardy Boys Go Native

Dean takes the lead by creepily asking Matt about his love for bugs and about whether he heard about Linda's death. Matt is like, "Yeah, so what? And yes, I know" to which Dean gives a hilarious Ice Man teeth chomp when relating that she died of "spider bites." Chomp. Matt gives him a look like, okay dude, whatever. Sam takes over here, deciding to go with Good Cop over Crazy Cop. When Matt realizes what they are accusing him of, he, too, starts spilling beans in a conveniently non sequitur-ish fashion, saying unprompted that "That wouldn't explain the bee attack or the gas company guy." He continues to do The Hardy Boys's investigative work for them by telling them that "something is happening with the insects" and asking them to come with him.

As they walk to Matt's secret spot, Sam decides to take this opportunity to bring up ONCE AGAIN his daddy issues: "So if you knew about this bug stuff, why didn't you tell your dad?" Matt tells him he's tried, but "Larry doesn't listen to me" because he's disappointed in his freak son. Sam allows his bangs to get the better of his own family feeling and empathizes, "I hear ya." Dean is in the background, looking pretty tired of Sam's shtick. Sam tells Matt that in two years he'll be able to go to college and get away from his dad. Which, bad advice. Dean finally busts out with a "What kind of advice is that? Kid should stick with his family." Which, also bad advice. And here is the part where Matt should probably want to get out of there, because these two are obviously heading quickly for "Squeal like a pig" territory.

The three come upon a clearing, and I think it is safe to say that here, Buzzing Intensifies. There's a creepy fishbowl pan of the grey sky, and then Matt wonks about keeping track of insect populations. I mean, when is this kid going to get it through his thick skull that he is disgracing his family with his "AP" "Science"? The gist of it: all kinds of bugs are congregating in this clearing, but he doesn't know why. Sam notices a suspicious-looking, um, pile of dirt. Why is everybody zeroing in on suspicious piles of dirt? When was the last time you were suspicious of a pile of dirt? They walk over and find that it is another sinkhole covered in worms. Dean fishes around in the damp hole (hee) with a stick (hee hee) and finds a bone (hee hee hee). A human skull, to be exact.Commercials. In the promo spot leading back into the show, Jensen Ackles is wearing a t-shirt that says "Straight Shooter" and rolling around and kicking at the screen. I love him.

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