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The Hardy Boys and the Haunted Bunker
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THEN! The angels have been killing each other again. You'd think a story about angels slaughtering each other would be interesting, but no! It's been like watching rival sales teams at a paint factory trying to out-sell each other, and all they have is completely identical gray paint. There's Malachi on one side and Bartholomew on the other, fighting to see who gets to put us to sleep faster. On the human side of things, there was a teen prophet named Kevin Tran, who lost his mother and then got murdered while holed up in the Safest Place on Earth. Dean gave him a hunter's sendoff, which meant burning his tiny body atop a funeral pyre so that he'd be free to move on to his afterlife. Also, it's just so much more visually dramatic than any other option. Soon after, the Winchesters began the thousandth round of familial angst, with Sam saying Dean only saved him for selfish reasons.

NOW! It's a quiet night at the Lair O' Letters when the lights start flickering on and off. At one end of the hallway, a misty shape appears, and then just as quickly vanishes, accompanied by whisper that goes, "Rahhh!" The whispering grows louder as the camera prowls through the building. For some reason, the camera is about a foot off the ground, like maybe it's the POV of that adorable little Jack Russell who got offed a few episodes ago. We push through the grate at the bottom of a door and into Dean's room. "Raah! Grawwrr!" go the whispers. Dean lies stretched out on his bed, eyes closed, listening to some Billy Squier through his headphones. Our mysterious visitor takes a slow trip up Dean's bod, because why not? Suddenly, the room grows cold enough for Dean's breath to show. The music cuts out in a burst of static. His eyes snap open. "Sam!" The half-yell, half-growl echoes through the hallway outside.

Sam peers out of his own room, growling back, "Dean!" How many throat lozenges do you suppose the cast goes through every week? Sam sees the flickering lights and jogs down to Dean's room. He finds the bed is empty except for Dean's headphones.

He pounces into the library to see one of the chairs slowly spinning in place. Sam grabs a sword from the shelf and poses like Mulan getting ready for a fight. He tiptoes through the library as ominous music plays. The wall sconces fizz and sputter, and the map table's lights blink out. The misty shape from the hallway appears behind him and drifts closer. Sam turns around just in time to see Dean blast the mist with shotgun shells full of rock salt. "So," Sam says conversationally. "Yup, bunker's haunted," Dean says. The title card flaps and flames onto the screen.

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