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The Hardy Boys Have A Suisse Mocha Moment

Cut to another round of strategizing in Metallicar on the way to The Lair Of The Zombie Fucker. I'm just going to assume they dropped The Worthless Trampy Homewrecking Slut off at a hospital or something, rather than leaving her alone in that apartment. Long story short, as silver bullets didn't kill Zombie Angela, their next best bet is "nailing" her back into her "gravebed." "How the hell are we gonna get Angela back to the cemetery?" Dean frets. Sam doesn't have an answer for that one. "Oooh! Oooh! Pick me!" Raoul shrieks. "You could drag Lindsay out from whatever safe house you dumped her worn-out fanny and tie her to that dead tree next to Zombie Angela's grave! Then, after Zombie Angela's sent that trollop straight to the Hell she so richly deserves, you could, I don't know, do that spiky thing, or whatever, so this painful episode might finally reach its end." I think Raoul has issues.

Back at Professor Mason's office, Sam and Dean swing through the door to find Neal scribbling something at the good professor's desk, and how the hell they knew he was there I'll never be able to figure out, so let's keep this moving, shall we? Long story short, Dean roughs The Zombie Fucker up a little bit until Neal admits he did indeed resurrect Angela, and that she's back at his house now. Dean darts his eyes through the general gloom of the office to spot a couple of Professor Mason's pet orchids dead on the windowsill. Dean's all, "You sure she's back at your place?" Neal nods his head repeatedly, but tosses a deliberate glance over at a closed closet door. Dean thinks fast and repLIES, "Listen, it doesn't really matter where she is. There's only one way to stop her -- we've got to perform another ritual over her grave to reverse the one that you did." "It's very complicated," he adds after rattling off a list of supplies they don't really need in Sammy's direction, "but it'll get the job done. She'll be dead again in a couple of hours." "I think you should come with us," he finishes, a friendly enough smile on his face. The smile falters when The Zombie Fucker pouts. "I'm serious," Dean vows as Sammy clenches his jaw. "Leave with us, right now." Neal, completely zombie-whipped at this point, just shakes his head, chewing at his lower lip and dropping his eyes to the desk. Dean issues one final, hushed warning before hustling on out of there with the younger brother.

Left alone with his reanimated and now somewhat less-than-fresh corpse, what with all those bullet holes and puncture wounds in her torso, Neal, terrified, pretends to listen to her side of the story (in brief: "Slutty boyfriends and trampy roommates deserve to die!" Raoul howls with approval) and agrees to haul her decaying ass over to the graveyard to stop Sam and Dean's ritualizing. He flusters that he'll head outside to pull the car around while she remains in her father's office. Zombie Angela gazes appraisingly at his retreating form. Good Lord, he's a dumbass.

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