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The Hardy Boys Have A Suisse Mocha Moment

Aftermath. The boys finish tamping down the dirt on Angela's grave and grab their jackets to return to Metallicar, bantering along the way. In case you haven't read any of the interviews associated with this season, this was the episode during which Jared Padalecki fractured his right wrist performing a stunt, and for continuity purposes, he had to film half his scenes this week without a cast. Ow. In any event, I mention this because Our Intrepid Heroes now set up the explanation for the cast Sam'll be sporting for the next five installments as Sam himself kvetches that Zombie Angela might have broken his hand during that improbable tackle the night before. "You're just too fragile!" Dean smirks. You really should have gone for another porn joke, there, Deano. Just a suggestion. As they're about to reach the car, Dean stops dead in his tracks for whatever reason and takes a moment to glance over at Burnt Mary's headstone. "You want to stay for a while?" Sam asks gently. "No," Dean replies emotionlessly. After they sling their shovels into the Impala's trunk, the two climb into the front seat, and Metallicar chugs away. Poor Jared. He had to open and close his door with his left hand, taking great care not to jostle his right. Awww. I'm sure I'd feel even sorrier for him if he didn't make more in one week than most people do in an entire year.

And now, The Scene. Dean, oddly pensive behind the wheel, unexpectedly pulls the Impala over to the side of a ridiculously scenic mountain road and keys off the ignition to disembark and settle on the hood. Sam follows immediately to ask, "Dean, what is it?" Dean squints, hands pushed down into the pockets of his leather jacket, and finally admits, "I'm sorry." "For what?" Sammy buhs, shrugging his remarkably broad shoulders around in confusion. "For the way I've been acting." Sam, realizing this is the beginning of the conversation he's been wanting to have for over a month, makes a face pained with empathy and silently joins his brother on the hood. "And for Dad," Dean finally adds. "He was your dad, too, and it's my fault he's gone." "What are you talking about?" Sam breathes. "I know you've been thinking it," Dean says, "and so have I. Doesn't take a genius to figure it out. Back at the hospital, I made a full recovery. It was a miracle, and five minutes later, Dad's dead and [that fucking] Colt's gone. You can't tell me there's not a connection there. I don't know how [The Ceiling Demon] was involved, I don't know how the whole thing went down, exactly, but...Dad's dead because of me. And that much I do know." "We don't know that," Sam counters, "not for sure." "Sam!" Dean whispers, swallowing hard, having had enough of all the ongoing denial. "You and Dad were the most important people in my life, and now?" He pauses for a moment, letting that sink in before asserting, "I never should have come back, Sam. It wasn't natural, and now look what's come of it." "I was dead," Dean continues, tears beginning to well up in his eyes, "and I should have stayed dead. You wanted to know how I was feeling? Well, that's it." Sam nods his head encouragingly, but Dean can't really see it. "So, tell me," Dean concludes. "What could you possibly say to make me feel all right?" And with that, Dean at last turns to face his brother, the tears running down his face. Sam looks away, helpless. The camera cuts to a far angle so the boys look very, very small against the mountains that surround them, before cutting once more to black.

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