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The Hardy Boys Have A Suisse Mocha Moment

Meanwhile, Dean stands some distance away, frowning down at a memorial left for a father who died at the unusually young age of forty. Just pointing that out in the event we discover during some future episode that this graveyard's positively littered with people dead before their time. Dean shrugs off whatever hint of an emotion he might accidentally have felt at that moment and turns to wander through the headstones alone until he spots a suspiciously withered tree in another section of the cemetery. He ambles over and knocks on the trunk before taking a few steps back to realize he's standing in the middle of a perfect circle of dead vegetation -- a circle whose center lies atop a very recent grave, as evidenced by its temporary marker. A temporary marker, I must note, that spells the "cemetery" part of "Greenville Cemetery" with two Es and an A. Sigh. ("Good memorial park help is so difficult to find these days," opines Raoul, who really shouldn't have any way of knowing that, and yet somehow inexplicably does.)

A short time later, Dean finishes up a conversation with the cemetery manager and strolls over to Sammy with news that the recently deceased was "Angela Mason, a student at the local college" whose "funeral was three days ago." Sam's all, "...and?" Dean's all, "Are you blind? Everything dead around her grave in a perfect circle? You don't think that's a little weird?" and I refuse to recap the subsequent I Really Don't Think This Is Our Kind Of Gig/I Think This Is Exactly Our Kind Of Gig debate that follows, for reasons the lovely and talented Drunken Bee articulated in her recap for last season's "Bloody Mary," wherein she wondered, "Why will you continue, over the course of the next ten episodes, wondering if the case you are investigating is actually not a supernatural case, a suggestion that merely draws out the intensely boring part of the show?" She, of course, never received a satisfactory answer to that most excellent question, so it is left to me to tell Our Intrepid Heroes this: It is always your kind of gig, boys, so knock it off with the intensely boring chatter and get to the zombies already. I was promised zombies, goddammit! Eventually and at very long last, Sam agrees to accompany his brother into town to visit Angela's father, "a professor a the school."

On a lovely, leafy campus, a gaggle of coeds saunters up towards a building whose sign proclaims it to be The Faculty Of Arts Department Of Archaeology And Greek Studies, which, whatever, because in Lawrence, Archaeology is associated with the Anthropology Department, whereas "Greek Studies" would find themselves under the aegis of the Department Of Classics, and all that took was a quick trip to Google, show, and MOVING ON. Inside, Sam and Dean knock at Professor W. Mason's door and LIE to the kindly gentleman who answers that they were friends of his daughter's, and wanted to stop by to offer their condolences. Professor Mason invites the LYING LIARS WHO LIE into his office with a grateful smile on his face.

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