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The Hardy Boys Have A Suisse Mocha Moment

Sam's settled with Professor Mason on one of the room's sofas to flip through the good professor's scrapbook featuring photographs of his daughter in happier times while Dean rudely paws through a bookshelf. Eventually, he lands upon a suspicious-looking volume he hoists into the air and, with more than a hint of incrimination in his voice, he sneers, "This is an unusual book." "It's ancient Greek," Professor Mason replies, mildly enough, adding, "I teach a course." Dean has the good grace to look slightly abashed as he returns the book to its shelf before he wanders over to the couch with an overly suspicious and leading, "So, a car accident? That's...horrible." Well no shit, Dean. Weren't you just in one of those? I have to confess, I didn't see Dean's little breakdown at the end the episode coming at all, so I spent most of the hour absolutely hating the guy for the unnecessarily surly attitude with which he confronted nearly all of the grieving people he encountered during the course of the evening. Bottom line, Dean's a complete asshole through most of tonight's proceedings, and the fact later-to-be-revealed that he's spent the entire time secretly despising himself for causing his father's death neither excuses nor mitigates any of the absolutely rotten behavior leading up to that moment of revelation. So a great big WHATEVER to old Deano, here, gang, and I'll be shooting through these scenes as quickly as possible, because I have neither the energy nor the desire to rant at him for twenty-seven pages, and besides: Zombies!

ANY-way, Professor Mason, visibly wrecked by his daughter's loss and never lifting his eyes from one of her photos in his hands, reveals he still hasn't shaken the habit of calling her several times a day to check in before admitting, "Angie was the most important thing in my life, and now, I'm just lost without her." "We're very sorry," Sam offers, pointedly glaring at his asshole of a brother, who just as pointedly directs his gaze elsewhere with an overemphasized air of indifference.

Back at their motel, the boys continue with The Debate I Shall Not Be Recapping, save to note the fact that Sam rather obnoxiously believes Dean's fabricating this entire hunt simply to avoid dealing with their parents' deaths. Dude, I thought you were Pre-Law. What's with all of this tedious undergrad Psych bullshit? "I don't have time for this crap," Dean snarls before snatching up his car keys to hit the local bar -- alone -- for copious amounts of healing booze. "Neither do I!" shrieks Raoul. "Bring out the evil undead, already!"

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