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The Hardy Boys Have A Suisse Mocha Moment

Freakish amounts of beauty and charm apparently get even LYING LIARS WHO LIE anywhere, for the next thing we know, Pink Chippie's slumped on the living room couch, heaving sobs and loudly blowing her nose in an ornately overwrought display of grief for her former roommate Angela Mason. Dean none-too-subtly pumps her for information on the deceased, leading Pink Chippie to offer, "She was great. Just...great. I mean, she was so..." Lengthy pause. "...great?" Dean offers. "Yeah!" Pink Chippie agrees before dissolving into another round of tears as Dean heaves a beleaguered sigh and passes her another tissue. Heh. "It's not just her," Pink Chippie eventually reveals. "It's Matt." Dean's all, "Who in the what, now?" so Pink Chippie clarifies, "Angela's boyfriend! He killed himself last night -- he cut his own throat. Who does that?" "No one, moron," Dean thinks to himself before delicately inquiring as to Meathead Matt's frame of mind since Angela's untimely demise. According to Pink Chippie, the Meathead was a complete basket case. "He kept saying that he saw her everywhere," she gossips, "as in an acid trip, or something." Pink Chippie then, at Dean's prompting, too-vociferously claims Matt and Angela were perfectly happy together, so Dean cunningly asks, "And where did Matt live?"

Back at the motel, Sam's perched anxiously on the end of one of the beds, staring intently at the television screen as a female announcer lasciviously promises, "Next on The Skin Channel, Casa Erotica IV -- a tale of two Latin beauties..." At this point, Dean bursts through the door, and Sammy's reflexes fail him as he's a little too slow in switching off the set. Dean paces up to his brother as Sam's all with the casual, "Hey, what's up?" Beat. "Awkward," Dean enunciates before slinging his jacket on top of the TV, where he side-eyes the motel's three-sided standing flyer for "HOT XXX PAYPERVIEW." Hee! To all of it. Good thing, because that bit's followed by more of The Debate I Shall Not Be Recapping, save to note that Dean's discovery of a houseful of dead plants and goldfish at Meathead Matt's finally convinces Sam that this is, indeed, Their Kind Of Gig. Oh, by the way, Dean swiped Angela's diary, too, so the boys are off to interrogate Angela's "bestest friend in the whole wide world," who just so happens to be...

...Nerdy Neal. "I didn't realize the college employed grief counselors," he puzzles as Dean LIES to smarm, "Oh, yeah -- you talk, we listen, maybe toss in a little therapeutic collage? Whatever helps jump-start the healing." Throughout this, Sam's been furrowing his mighty brow in disbelief and irritation, because he's the one with the custom-fitted Captain Empathy suit, dammit! Long story short, Nerdy Neal's real "sore-y" to hear of Meathead Matt's untimely demise -- but, he snits, if Matt did indeed kill himself, it was more from guilt than from grief. You see, the night of the accident, Angela caught Matt in bed with "another girl." The subsequent emotional turmoil more than anything else -- like, oh, say, her crappy driving skills -- is what caused Angela to run off the road. Necessary exposition thus delivered, Nerdy Neal politely declines Sam and Dean's grief-counseling services and excuses himself to get ready for work. The instant he's closed his door, Dean shoots Sam the wordless "I told you so" ducky-lip-and-head-nod combo of gloating.

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