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The Cook, The Vamp, The Hunter & His Brother
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THEN! Sam and Dean got themselves locked up in the looney bin to help out a sort of endearingly nutty hunter named Martin, who was locked up in same. This was three or possibly four (by the show's time line) years ago. In the more recent past, Sam entered into the world's dullest romance with a crabby veterinarian named Amelia. After a night of tepid, fully clothed passion, Sam learned that Amelia lost her husband Don. Then, just as Sam and Amelia were finally getting settled into their humdrum life together, they found out that Don wasn't so dead, after all. Sometime after Sam left Amelia, he met Dean's new friend Benny. Benny, it turned, was a vampire, the discovering of which made Sam whip out the bitchiest bitchface you ever did see. He more or less threatened to kill Benny someday, which Dean did not especially appreciate. Then, for two episodes, they acted like absolutely nothing was wrong.

NOW! To the strains of "Born on the Bayou" by Creedence Clearwater Revival, we arrive at a quaint little diner. Its exterior seems in need of a good paint job, but the neon sign is almost ridiculously perky as it identifies the place as Guidry's Cajun Cafe. There's even a neon alligator in a neon hat, rubbing its paws over its satisfied belly. The town, we're shown, is Carencro, Louisiana. As two patrons exit the cafe, they helpfully hold open the door so the cameraman can head inside for a peek. The interior looks a bit scruffy, too, with mismatched chairs and peeling walls. A man, his back to us, works the grill. A pretty young woman behind the counter rattles off a list of instructions for the cook so he can close up for the night. "Be sure to lock up the door and set the alarm, turn off the A/C, check the burners, check the grill --" The cook finishes the thought for her: "-- and clear off the cold table." He turns around to give her a smile. It's Benny, but she calls him "Roy" as she thanks him. They have an obvious rapport, which does not go unnoticed by an old man sitting at the counter.

"Hell of a girl, that Elizabeth," says the old man once she's left. "Yeah, she really is," Benny agrees. He's damned near beaming at the mention of her. "You got designs?" asks the old man. Benny pours the man a cup of coffee and says he thinks of Elizabeth more like a little sister. When the old guy asks to take a shot at Elizabeth himself, Benny kind of laughs because the codger has about much chance of making it as a crawfish in Breaux Bridge. "She's all yours," Benny says. The only other patron taps his coffee cup on the table, signaling for a refill. It's only when Benny goes over to him do we see that he's Martin, to whom we were recently reintroduced during the THEN! segment.

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