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The Hardy Boys are Terrible Planners
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THEN! Crowley shot Castiel in the gut with bullets made from one of those handy All-Purpose Angel Swords. The Winchesters met Metatron, who turned out to be hiding out as a book nerd in a Native American casino/hotel. Metatron told them he was basically a secretary before God chose him to take down the Word. (His shorthand was immaculate!) Metatron got off his hiding ass and rescued Kevin Tran from Crowley's clutches, then told Sam he would have to cure a demon to complete the third trial. What was God smoking when he came up with those trials? The Winchesters should totally ask Metatron one of these days. Anyway, they were driving home one night when they nearly ran over Castiel, who had managed to flit himself away from Crowley's office and into the middle of the highway. Fifty years ago, a demon named Abaddon took over this nice lady Josie's body and traveled into the future in search of more comfortable undergarments, among other things. The Winchesters' grandpappy told them that Abaddon was a Knight of Hell, handpicked by Lucifer himself. Grandpappy shot her in the head with a Devil's Trap bullet, which kept her trapped while the Winchesters chopped her up and buried her. They were really torn up about what this meant for poor Josie, locked inside her own body as a spectator while all this was happening. Hahaha. Just kidding. They don't ever think about that crap. Screw Josie!

NOW! Lost Creek, Colorado. Even just the name of the place sounds a little creepy. Add to that the moonlit woods and the isolated log cabin in which we find ourselves and it's a horror movie in the making. Indeed, one of the cabin's occupants stares nervously out the window, jumping when his lady friend comes up behind him for a hug. "I can't believe you finally came up here with me," she says. "Why wouldn't I?" he asks. Possibly because he narrowly escaped being eaten by a wendigo in these very woods about seven seasons back, but he doesn't say that. He just keeps staring out the window until his lady friend nudges him. "Tommy, are you okay?" He has a flashback to being plucked from his tent like the meatiest lobster in the lobster tank. "I'm good," he tells her, coming out of the flashback. He kisses her, then thinks he hears something growling. Lady friend doesn't hear it. "Maybe it's a bear," she jokes. Tommy hears the growl again and pulls his lady friend away from the window. "It's not a bear! It's a wendigo!" He remembers the Winchesters saving him from becoming the wendigo's latest snackrifice. Tommy grabs a propane torch from his pack and makes like he's going to go set the imaginary monster on fire. Instead, he grabs his head and wails in agony. Blood pours from his ears and eyes. He falls forward and blood splatters all over his lady friend. By the time he slumps to the ground, his headache is miraculously cured! Sadly, it's because his head is totally gone. It's like a fresh ham hock where his neck ends. Supernatural!

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