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The Hardy Boys Pull a Rabbit Out of Their Hat

So, a few moments later, Jay's strapped to The Table Of Death, and almost immediately after the swords slam down and Jay emerges, triumphant, through the curtains, a piercing backstage scream cuts short the audience's ovation. Jay rushes behind the scenery to find... Charlie? Sprawled dead on the stage, his silver hair still as ten slitted wounds beneath his tuxedo shirt open up to ooze blood through the white fabric? "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" But Raoul, I thought Charlie was the bad guy? "Oh, do hush your silly self up and just wait for the shocking twist!"

Well, in that case, I'm going to skip through the next scene as it's simply more misdirection, this time centered on sure-to-be-blameless Vernon. During the commercial break and once Jay recovered from the shock of seeing his longtime friend (apparently) dead, he quickly dropped the charges against Our Intrepid Heroes, who now join him in the shabby hotel bar to confirm that they are telling him the truth, and that Vernon's the most likely suspect now that Charlie's (apparently) gone on to that great headlining gig in the sky. There's some sad-sack backstory regarding brotherlike relationships between Jay and his two friends -- and, indeed, between Charlie and Vernon themselves -- but that's not important right now because we've already left the shabby hotel bar to watch as Vernon's summoned from his room by means of a no-doubt duplicitous phone call placed by Jay on the boys' behalf, for no sooner has Vernon left than Sam and Dean break in to rifle through Vernon's belongings. Next!

Festival Main Stage. The Table Of Death's been transferred to the larger theater from the cabaret at some point, and Jay silently contemplates the swords hanging above his head as Vernon bounds up behind him with some good news: Jay's now headlining the remainder of the festival. Because of the aspersions Our Dear Boys cast upon Vernon's character in the previous scene, however, Jay's now convinced Vernon's responsible for every death that's occurred thus far, and wheels on his longtime friend to hurl accusations and whatnot until... "It's the twist! It's the shocking twist!" Indeed it is, my scaly friend, for Charlie's voice (and I do believe it's John Rubinstein delivering this line) calls out from the wings, "I wouldn't be so hard on him, Jay. He didn't do it." Jay spins back around just in time to catch a twentysomething -- who's sporting a freakish bruise above his right eye, don't you know -- emerge from the shadows onto the stage.

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